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Progress Update #8

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Now it's finally time for another progress update and this time I've got some stuffs for you!

What I've done since the latest post:
  • Created a Level 15 Warrior Guid here on the forums (Click here)
  • Bought Trasher Pwnage Punch to get [Zillionaire] title on Cazteri as well
  • Bought another Level 15 Winter Fest Tinsel Talon (Currently on sale)
  • Bought Auto-Crossbow of Finesse
  • Created a new Regen Preset giving me 10 H/s and 6 M/s
  • Continued to merch, estimated about 1.5m gold since my last post (Had a lot of stuff in my inventory to sell)
  • Joined Kawakawasaki's new top twink guild <Lineage>

The ULTIMATE Level 15 Warrior Twink Guide
First of all, what I've spent most time on is my new Level 15 Warrior Guide. This is a complete guide of what I know about level 15 PVP and Pocket Legends in general. If you want to create your own level 15 Warrior twink, just read it and you'll know everything! The feedback have been great and a lot of people even thanks me in-game. This keeps my will up to continue to expand the guide. The latest thing I added was a in-depth guide on how to play against every class.

During the creation of the guide, I've realized some things I've never thought about before, and was surprised to know that talon had 10m range instead of 8m. The most tricky part was to figure how I really play against different classes. This also got me thinking of how to play against all their skills. This lead me into a deep study of all classes skills and how they could be used. With this known, I also know how to play against the classes not just practical, but theoretical. I can summarize this guide by saying I've been a better playing during this trip.

If you haven't read the guide yet, you can do it on the link below:

Stuff I bought
Some minor stuffs I've done is buying another 15 Winter Fest Tinsel Talon. Now I got two of them, and probably two of the last tinsels on active accounts. I appreciate it to be 3-4 Tinsels out there, and I own two of them. I remember over one year ago when I was looking for it as a maniac. Now I got it. I alos bought Auto-Crossbow of Finesse. This is an item I've been having before, but for some reason had sold. Since it's a cheap weapon (200k) and it's better than Pumpkin Chunker, this was an easy decision.

The [Zillionaire] title have I been using on Caztu, my level 5 Enchantress Twink, for a while and finally decided to spend 30 Platinum on a Trasher Pwnage Punch to get the title on Cazteri as well. There is no title I really want for Cazteri, and thats why I went for [Zillionaire]. I would wanted a title matching the class as good as [Master of Magic] does to a Enchantress. And of course, it should be a title not everyone got. This is a continuous endeavor.

Support is disbanding
Now to the sad part.. I've always been a member of the twink guild <Support>. Two days ago, Megatwink (who was one of my best friends in-game) and some other guys from Support, such as Traskner, got permanently banned. In this situation, we had a guild with a Master that was banned for all future. Even if Support is a well known guild and got the reputation to be the best, we decided to remake a guild with the guys from Support and called it <Lineage>. It is now Kawakawasaki who is the Master of the guild. We've decided to keep the bar high and only invites the very top twinks.

Thank you for this time Mega!

Thank you!
Thanks everyone for feedback on both blog and my newly created guide. Please keep the feedback coming. I've seen a big drop of views on my blog posts (not even 100 last post), but don't know why. Have so many people stopped playing? So guys, spread the word and please comment these posts as well! Se you next time!

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