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LibertyBells (Jasper)

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Welcome, anyone whose happened to wander in this little here blog. I've never done a blog before, so i don't know if i should talk about my REAL life or my in-game life. Ill start with my In-game life.

I currently have 3 characters, my highest being a level 41 Sorcerer, Libertybells. I'm currently in an amazing guild called the Elite Runners. I'm a little late to the party so i'm still trying to figure out whose who. We have a off-game chat, where I currently call it the "Spamming room of emoji's". Everyone there is easy to get along to, and it turns out we have a few things in common, which is an amazing thing, because here in my little secluded area in Kansas, not many people have the same mind-set as me. So Elite Runners is where i'm currently calling home, and i'm paying my monthly rent so I don't get evicted from Valeroni I'm currently looking for an Elondrian Rifle! SO if ANYONE has a clean rifle, i'd be glad to be called its new owner!

My outside life is pretty dull. I'm a cabinet maker, which no, doesn't mean i make cabinet's for a living. I design local projects for people with the money. I currently just put the finishing touches on a Japanese themed kitchen set, which turned out to be A LOT of oak wood! My job is fun but where i'm located is boring. Nothing to do, no parties to lose myself into, nothing really. Life is moving in sloooow-mooootion. I'm 23! An African-American male, done with trade school, living with myself and a lazy dog that doesn't help pay rent. Shame!

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  1. honeybutter's Avatar
    Can you post pics of your last project? That sounds really cool actually.
  2. LibertyBells (Jasper)'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by honeybutter
    Can you post pics of your last project? That sounds really cool actually.
    Sure! When I find out how to add pictures on here.