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Gale Force - Underrated

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So I did a bit of testing and fiddling with skills here and there during this free respec weekend... And found that Gale is an underrated skill. It's OP!

Armor bonus is much more significant than you think. In TDM, it is very difficult for a rogue to one shot (or one combo) you with your extra armor bonus.

As far as damage, it's not the weakest skill. All this time I thought Gale was the weakest skill, therefore, most ineffective, but if you read the statistics given on stat page, Gale has the same damage output as Fireball.

Gale is multi purposeful. If you really think about it, it can be used in ANY situation in PvP, and that includes flagging. It's literally a Fireball without extra range, but with increased armor and speed (speed helps). Don't say Gale doesn't have range, because it's AoE distance is quite large.

It is very effective if used correctly. You can literally gale through a group of 5 enemies and not die. After you do so, it's easy to target the pesky rogues and mages kiting behind warriors.

Most importantly, Gale is a perfect troll skill. You literally need 1 skill (Gale) in TDM and be invincible against a warrior or two. They can never catch you even if they use axe.

Have fun with it.
Quote Originally Posted by Instanthumor View Post
This is what I use, feel free to try it out for yourself.

4/5 Shield - without knockback
4/5 Lightning - without AoE upgrade
5/5 Gale
3/5 Heal - with HP regen and mana upgrade

Int, str, dex, crit passives 5/5
Durable passive 4/5
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To add on to this, I personally add in 3/5 Frost (Shiver and Jagged Ice upgrades) to add a bit of diversity to my build. With Frost, I can now vs rogues (Gale, Frost, Lightning, Shield), one combo non-shielded mages, stunlock/kill warriors, etc. If you were to add in Frost, you would have to take out 3 points in your Durable passive.
Quote Originally Posted by Instanthumor View Post
It's also super effective vs warriors. I've found new build (Gale, Lightning, Heal, Shield), and can KILL arcane ring/maul/samael warrior 1v1 multiple times as a non-arcane ring mage.

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