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Guild Cloning

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Hi guys,

I am speaking from my own experience on the game this morning. Today, I saw and I'm sure it is, a popursely created copy of an existing an original guild. I saw the guild title on a level 8. I, however will not mention names as I want to keep a discretion aswell as avoid sparking drama.

The guild had maybe 2 letters in a different arrangement, but I am 100% sure it was a purpose attempt to copy a guild, and not just a new player unaware of guild names throughout the game.

This brings me to ask, why? Why would you purposely immitate or try to make an imposter guild. It is totally irrational, seeing as the guild I know only takes in level 35+ levels, and a level 8 toon was part of the guild. This just causes unrest between everyone and makes the game much less enjoyable. And yes, I have reported it. I will not reveal any such information other than this, but if you know so,eting about this or are apart of the imposter guild's plans, then well... so be it.

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