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AoA questions

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1.) when someone says message Pandar when I or someone else wants to become an AoA, what should I or others say?
2.) any huge tips on becoming an AoA, I still don't have a clear picture after reading the forums.
3.) I remember when I was a beginner and had no clue what to do, so I want to prevent this feeling so I go to forest haven and say " answering all questions about this game" about every 2 minutes, and when an AoA sees me they say don't spam and I feel like they just put me on their: this person doesn't ACTUALLY want to help others! But I actually do! What do I do?

I help others on: faoiskekie
My level 10 str bear so if u want to add me go ahead, my main is faoeskekie level 57 dex/int enchantress

It wouldnt let me pick PL subject for some reason on my ipod so I had to put it on blogs

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  1. Pandar's Avatar
    1 & 2. Right now admissions to the AoA are done by recommendations from the AoAs. So they best way to do that is continue to help out new players, and maybe spend some time with the AoAs so they can see what you're doing. They're trying to figure out who is really helping because that's what they do, instead of helping just to get in to AoA. So just be aware of that.

    3. AoAs are not moderators and should not be calling you out for trying to help. However, sometimes the group chat isn't the best place to help out new people. When I'm in Forest Haven I'll usually wait until I see a low level person standing around and I'll send them a private message saying "Hi! Nice to meet you. Are you new to Pocket Legends?"

    If they say yes, then I follow up with "That's awesome! Welcome. Did you need help with anything?"

    And then go from there. Hmmm maybe I'll write my own blog post about this xD
  2. Fao's Avatar
    you are the best Pandar! thx so much! i know now how to become one! thx so much! I would love to give u something but I'm broke
  3. Pandar's Avatar
    Haha you don't need to be giving me anything! Feel free to private message me on here if you have any questions. Hope to see you around more.