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Compilation of Ideas from all over forums

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[QUOTE=Aslanx;1855232]Hello Legends and STG Devs/Mods/Peeps! I have come up with a combined(all-in-one) suggestion on everything in AL i want implemented, and really, [B][I]REALLY[/I][/B] hope sts gives these ideas a moment of their day, because it would light up some of ours...

[B][U]1. Guild Hall(s)[Under Construction][/U][/B]
There are already multiple posts and threads, asking for a new guild hall! We really like the fact that sts is looking into guilds(guild log), but some of us have been asking about these for a long time...

[B][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]Some of the Modifications we would like added to GH....[/COLOR][/U][/B]
[CENTER][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Guild Arena[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

A guild arena would be awesome! With a payment of 5 plats to enter, and no flags, this arena would be a great way to practice PvP or 5v5 scrimages and/or train with guildies, without kills counting, people would enter just for the pure fun of pvping with guild mates. [COLOR="#800080"][B][U]400 plats [/U][/B][/COLOR]to make this room seems pretty decent, especially since this has to support sts for all the hard work we are asking them to do, pretty selfishly...

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"][CENTER]Meeting Room[/CENTER][/COLOR][/B]
This was mentioned in one of the posts on a thread I read , [url][/url] , by someone there(idk if I should mention name), about having a room for only officers and master. This would be an amazing idea, and it would give a whole new meaning to officer meetings(which some guilds do), and im sure every guild master would ask for this(PvP or PvE) not only cause its really awesome, but it can also be extremely useful! I would put this at [COLOR="#800080"][B][U]250 plat[/U][/B][/COLOR]...

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"][CENTER]Guild Announcements Board[/CENTER][/COLOR][/B]
Also another idea i saw(not mine), a board which has announcements listed, and maybe a notification can go up in alerts, to check out guild announcements. There could be announcements for officers only, and announcements for guild members/recruiters/officers, which the Master posts...This would be heavily supported by twink guilds, as they are inactive most of the time since most of their players are on their mains, or just plain too busy to come on, which is why they made a twink. [COLOR="#800080"][B][U]50 plat [/U][/B][/COLOR]for, [COLOR="#800080"][B]5 plat[/B][/COLOR] per post edit, if the GM wants to make another or change his post more than once in 24 hours...

[B][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Addition of New Ranks[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
Even though this idea, doesn't really incorporate the usage of plats much, it would be cool to have different kinds of ranks in guilds. One rank which has been asked for, for quite a long time is Co-GM, or co master, I in my opinion think they should have all the powers master holds, except for the choice to disband guild. That way masters can keep their closest friends in charge, without any fear of losing things they may have paid for in their guild hall, @Ideas 1 and 2.

[B][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Guild Leaderboard[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
Wouldn't it be cool to compare and contrast between your friends in your guild?? It could be as simple as Kills(Ctf/Tdm)/season, Best [elite]timed runs in guild, and most flags. This could also be included on the Announcement board, so that when you happen to come in this room, you can check out how far up on the guild ranks you are, with the highest PVE number per season, it would make all pve contests(the MOST popular kind of contest), sooooo much easier, reducing spam of threads and pictures of kills on the Contest Subsection of AL forums.[COLOR="#800080"][B][U]100 plat[/U][/B][/COLOR]..

[I][B]Threads I found useful and drew information from, Thanks to all of these forumers for great ideas[/B][/I]

[B][U]2. PvP[Under Construction][/U][/B]
Everyone who PvP knows can come up with a list of at least 5 things they would love to have incorporated into their pvp experience, here at Arcane Legends ! For those who don't know, PvP is the reason why more than at least 70% of platinum purchased from STG, is by players who PvP and strive to be the best(at least in AL), me and a lot of those supporters of STG would love some changes and additions to our PvP rooms....

[B][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]The GvG Button[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
Although I am not particularly expecting to see this anytime soon, when I first saw this thread, I thought "wow, wouldn't that be fun, to have arranged clashes without blocking, no drama and HIGHLY reduced amounts of trash talking", heres an example....Guild A mocks guild B, guild A challenges to 5v5 and guild B accepts, problem is, they cant find a map to do it on, so the drama continues, soon guild A and guild B are massive and have guild wars everyday, full of trashing, blocking, ganging, spawning, etc.. Thanks to all of these things added to the twink experience, no one STILL knows whether or not guild A can beat guild B or not, but the drama goes on, endlessly. Not calling anyone out, but the brackets 21-24 and 11-14 are often guilty of this, and im sure they would support this idea as much as a lot of other endgame PvPers do too. This is also an idea, I drew off of a thread made in AL Player vs Player section, made by a popular forumer. Ill include a link here, as well as at the bottom of the "PvP" section of this thread.(If sts does decide to consider this awesome idea though, I'd think this should be around 50 plat, per game, and maybe have the host of the game hold the choice to end it, as he pleases, when a player switches out, a player from the opposite sides guild should not be able to join in though, that would be blocking, and it should be done jointly by both GM's hosting the game, so 50 plat each,[COLOR="#800080"] [B][U]100 plat [/U][/B][/COLOR]per 5v5 game, in my personal opinion, plat sales will see a noticeable boost with this ideas implementation, and im only 15, so I hope you guys at STG see It too :P)(jk)Id also add in to not include these kills/deaths in a players kdr, since then it could be used for dummy farming.


[B][COLOR="#FF0000"][CENTER]Vote Boot[/CENTER][/COLOR][/B]
This idea is based on a thread I saw while browsing through forums, I cannot find the link again, but I still remember its idea. To fight spot blocking, players should be able to vote out people who are blocking their games. A little sign should appear, next to the players name with a red "x" or a green check, indicating whether or not you would like to keep the player, you can only vote once per 10 minutes. Anyone on the team can start the vote, for the player to get booted/banned/restricted from entering the game(maybe just team if its possible) again. If 3 or 4(haven't been able to decide) choose to kick that person, the player will be banned from that specific ctf map, so they will block at their own risk of not being able to join their own teams side.(Income of plat, from more players PvPing since there will be less chances to block, and an influx of more players will come back to the game, 1 in 10 of all these players will dish out and buy tons of plat.)

[CENTER][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]"Pure" TDM(Deathmatch)[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]
This is something that would be similar to our elites without elixirs, just skill. This idea was suggested by a well-known forumer as well, and his/her link will be below this description. A new PvP button, where the system organizes the matches, sets out the gear(which can be variations, such as elon or planar armor, and maybe elon ring/ammy) which can be completely random, or maybe as a test version have the same gear every time(but that would make this idea boring), that way, when people want to find out whos got more "skill" with the same gear, they can enter here and fight it out, ALSO reducing drama drastically, players in this area would be able to test out new gear, newer players can test maybe lvl 41 and if they would like to PvP or not, even if they don't have the gear. Another section for this kill count could be added, the "Team Kills" section, on the kdr box(also not my idea at all). This box is something, that counts for all your teams kills. Each match can be endless, or maybe go up to something like 150 kills per team. The deaths should be as many deaths everyone on your team gets, or maybe if the drama would be better staying low, no deaths at all only kills, because there's a high chance of players with "skill" raging at the typical newbie trying to learn how to PvP, and over here the "Vote Boot" idea shouldn't be able to work, because this should be for the fun of it. Along with that adding a [Pure] TDM LB would definitely give newer players a chance to get an lb banner, so the season 1 players will have to fight for these banners just as hard as the season 7 ones, which I really like. This should not be implemented on twink levels, or at least below lvl 31, because no twink will enter these....they bought the gear to be better than the rest in the first place, so I highly doubt twinks will give this idea support on their own lvl, so maybe making this a L41 thing only would be a good start. [COLOR="#800080"][B]5 plat [/B][/COLOR]to respawn back to where you died , since its a team battle, [B][COLOR="#800080"]10 plat [/COLOR][/B]to be able to buy this map in the first place, as a sort of test server for newer players.


A new part of CTF, where you can go in a pt, with a friend or enemy to decide who is better. Up to 3 other players may join, and get a chance to VS too, what it could be like is, one of the spawn rooms of a CTF map(people could join in as an option when entering CTF, 5/5, VS Room, or [Pure] CTF), but only one player, two sides with the spawn cubbies on each side, and the open vs space in between. This way you can challenge friends easily, this will reduce a lot of drama, especially if both sides agree to VS. The way it could work is, you invite your friends to Party and can get a reserved vs map, or you can randomly join VS maps and randomly vs people, people would love this. In my honest opinion [B]THIS COULD BE CRAZY FUN[/B], but that's just me. Plat sales would also see a noticeable boost, one of the ideas I am SURE on, this is the best thing that could happen, in my opinion, to PvP and its not too difficult for our talented devs at STG, people would dish out plats for this to be as good as ring sam users, I am 120% sure. Especially when theyre in the cubby, looking at their enemy as the timer goes down from 10, and after 10 rounds of vs the score is 10-0 and the guy wins the game, then that's a huge motivator, amazing thing to get implemented guys...

[B][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Pet Speed[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
A lot of my sam friends have this problem, and two of my sns ones. We can EASILY outrun our pets(and I am putting this in the PvP section, because it doesn't matter if your pet increases your crit in brack), if the pet isn't keeping along and the owner is chasing after someone, when the person theyre running after gets mana pack(lets say its a rogue) and turns around to fight(a mage), then the mage has no pet to help out, since sam is trailing 3 miles behind him/her ! Increasing the pet speed will make players feel more secure, and would definitely make PvP more fair and enjoyable.

[B][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Access to PvP Buttons, [U]IN[/U] PvP[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
This is another thread made, around 2 weeks ago by another well known forumer, lol lot of well known forumers with awesome ideas ! This idea allows a player in Ctf to teleport directly to TDM, or vice versa. I find this problem cumbersome as well, since it is usually empty at some times on twink levels and I like switching around checking which maps have unsuspecting victims on them xD ! Anyways, this is an awesome idea, and like some of the other posts, this would be beneficial in players liking PvP more, adding to more players PvPing and the influx of plat from more PvPers. Heres the link, for the original thread, as well as down below, under the links for useful threads area for PvP.


[B][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"][Host] CTF(Capture the Flag)[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
One of my own ideas, not too refined....this is based off of the "Pure TDM" idea, where I got this idea from, just some modifications I thought would make it better, in my opinion. [Pure] CTF, can be a map where, players host games for them and their friends, and where kills DO count. This map has different variations and features, similar to [Pure] TDM, when a player joins he/she gets to choose from an assortment of 3-4 types of gear, which will be selected by the host before the game starts. Since the host has paid and hosted the game, he/she also holds the right to boot players from the game, basically not allowing them to join again once they are booted, or maybe after 5 minutes. Kills can count, since people can random join into these games when they enter using the 5v5 button? it can be Pure or just "CTF" two buttons under "5v5", where for each class the host will pick out 2-5 weapons, (mythic set always), 2-5 rings(including arcane ring), 2-5 amulets and up to 10 different pets players can choose from, all except for shady and surge since it is too op for 5 players on a team to have making a game impossible. This way, players can try awesome gear, new players learn how to PvP and guilds can do 5v5 from joining the host of these games, you may ONLY enter, from joining the host, no one can enter by joining any player in game, I think this would be really awesome, and [COLOR="#800080"][B]50 plat [/B][/COLOR]to host each game. The different varieties of maps we could add to PvP would make it extremely fun, and plat prices would skyrocket if these were implemented all in one day(impossible, I know), more players would enjoy PvP and after they had enough fun out of it would go try PvE a bit too, since PvP would finally satisfy their entertainment needs...

[I][B]Threads I found useful and drew information from, Thanks to all of these forumers for great ideas[/B][/I]

[B][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]I will be adding a ton of more suggestions ive always wanted to voice as well, if im forgetting something or havent given someone their rightful credit for an idea, plz pm me or post it here....[/COLOR][/U][/B]

[B][U]Note : All the prices ive listed are just added on for ballparks of what would suit me, we just want these ideas implemented please, price wont matter if its as incredible as we've always dreamed of it as...not saying that i dream of AL , only on weekdays...

I am also very well aware that some of these ideas may have been made into threads before this, that is the reason this is a "compilation", so that I pick out my favorites and make a thread out of it lol, and yes all of these ideas are things a lot of us have wanted for a long time, and have been suggested for quite a while now, but has never happened, im just refreshing some and giving another shot at it, in the hopes that devs might be able to do something with this, my smurf(s) and I have our fingers crossed.[/U][/B][/QUOTE]

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