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I haz bug in pvp? :0

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So recently I got accused of using 'bugs' in sl pvp. Person kicked me out of the room with the reason 'no bugs'. Lol, I tried to explain why there are no bugs in sts's games but apparently he can 'see' them. He probably got a little ticked off because i killed him a few times in pvp :/. Lol, at first i found tthis funny, then he started threatening me saying he would post everywhere on forums that I use bugs. Lmao, so I told him to ahead, man I'm not that good at pvp that ppl have to accuse me of using bugs....there's heaps load better out there and I've fought with them. As far as I know, from older forum topics and what not, all sts games are server based and do not have any 'bugs' or 'hacks' whatsoever. -_-, I might just record a video of me doing some sl pvp just to prove this guy wrong.
Well if any threads pop out stating I am hackzorz, don't be taken aback. I would never tarnish my reputation by using any bugs/whatnot. I'm just appalled someone would actually accuse and threaten me.

Talking about pvp, what are your guys thoughts on it? Which class is best at sl pvp atm?
For me, it would be a tie between commandos (baised cause I use one my self >_>) and ops. I've seen a lot of ops who know how to use their skills pretty well,... lurch is one hella annoying skill eh. If only graviton well worked in pvp. Now that would be awesomesauce.

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  1. Piosidon's Avatar
    I rarely play SL but for me, my 14 commando is decent at pvp