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Wanting to help new players? Just say hello!

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Helping is cool again, and with the introduction of the Ambassadors of Alterra we've seen a lot more people willing to help out new players and show them around to Pocket Legends! Sometimes though, this leads to a lot of people standing around in Forest Haven saying "Anyone need help?" or something similar.

I love that people are out there trying to help and today I wanted to write about a better approach.

-----JUST SAY HELLO!-----

It's really as simple as that. When I'm in Forest Haven I say hello to people who look like they are new. Level 10 or under and very basic armor (not a twink). Instead of doing it publicly I will send them a private message to say hello! Usually, I ask them if they are new.

This is what a typical conversation looks like in private message:


Me: Hello! Are you new to Pocket Legends?

New Player: Yes

Me: That's awesome! Welcome aboard. Do you need help with anything? (At this point I usually send a friend request)

New Player: No that's okay, thank you though

Me: Word. Well let me know if you have any questions or get stuck somewhere.

New Player: Okay cool!


And lots of times that's what your conversations will be, if they even respond. And just that can make all the difference. If the person didn't need any help they still (A) got welcomed to the game, (B) made a new friend and (C) saved a resource they can ask for help later.

Be sure to do this in private. Sometimes it can be intimidating for new players to talk in public chat, and they may not know if you are talking to them. Just saying hello and reaching out privately gives them a safe place to answer.

Try this out! Next time you see a low level player with basic gear just send them an IM saying "Hello! Are you new to Pocket Legends?" and take it from there. Comment on this post if you have any good stories about using this method.

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  1. Buubuuftw's Avatar
    I personally like helping out people of any level. I think its a good way to make a friend and it can determine whether a player will stay or leave PL. I remember this one time in DF when I barely started playing. I met a level 43 (i think) player just standing in town and then he PM'd and we started talking about random things and then we became good friends. He would show me how to actually play my class and explained to me how I should spend my stat points efficiently (I had points in str, dex, and int at the time XD) but suddenly he just left. I never saw him again but he is a good example of a helpful player. I started to help low levels when they needed help with a quest or if they just needed help in a dungeon. I still go to FH every so often just to hang around and see if anyone needs help with anything. PS: Im not asking for an AoA membership here im just telling a story.
  2. Pandar's Avatar
    That's awesome Buubuuftw! Funny how it just happens like that, and you're absolutely right that people of all levels can be helped. It's all about just being a nice, friendly person and helping out where you see an opportunity. Thanks for sharing your story, hope to run into sometime in the game.
  3. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    I usually do this, and everyone normally says no I'm good
  4. Mastercon's Avatar
    Usually I catch someone in Forest Haven saying:
  5. Mastercon's Avatar
    Woops! Didn't mean to post that.
  6. Mastercon's Avatar
    Usually he is asking what to do after he finished all of the forest haven lvls. So I ask him if he needs help. He says yes, he needs help with quests, and tells me the quest he needs. I tell him about that quest, and how to access the quest, in his quest guide. So he takes a minute to look in his quest guide. One of two things happens: 1) He clicks "Go to" on accident, or if he doesn't really feel like replying. Or, 2) He closes the quest log, says thanks, or thank
  7. Mastercon's Avatar
    OMG! I posted it again. Gosh sorry. Anyway, he says thanks, or thank you. I say your welcome, and Welcome to PL! He is then on his way, and I send him a friend request. Thats all! Sorry for all the posts, lol.
  8. Gortrinx's Avatar
    I help out 1st time members all the time my character onebadbirdy l10 helps them with questions and runs but it's always good to help people that are new and chose to play pl
  9. Mothwing's Avatar
    This is awesome thanks Pandar!
  10. Aikiebo's Avatar
    Excellent idea and great pic! Sometimes, it might be a good idea, that if you don't get a response at all, if they really are new, they may not know how to respond. So, on a case-by-case basis, it might be a good idea to let them know how to respond to you.
    A lot of times, when someone joins a guild, they get welcomed but also someone right away explains how to speak in guild chat. Just an idea.
  11. Fyrce's Avatar
    Actually some of them don't know how to do a private tell or don't know about the action button thing to the right. Guess it's a good time to point at it, or watch out for a public response, like, "Huh?"

    They might also ask how to respond to a Friend Request. This is a good time to tell them about their Menu button and the World Map and how they can Join Games through that, as well as walk through the Portal.

    BTW, the players are set up to go from tutorial to FH1, but the quests are set up so it's good to stop in FH Town before going on to FH1. Maybe this should be adjusted...
  12. Rosybuds's Avatar
    I Do That Quite A Lot :-)) Some Times (ur right P/L) You don't get an Answer lol.. So I just send a request & give an item & Go to someone Else, Then like a week later I Get "Hi Ebadebar Remeber me,I need Help" ...It's a A Good Feel Factor on Both Sides... :-)))) I Also Hate to See Peeps Charging New Players Gold just To Help Them. That's Just Not P/L ... ;-))) ... xxx
  13. Fao's Avatar
    Awesome! the only thing about this is that no one cam see you helping, so devs or AoAs or GoAs can't recommend u to there group.
  14. Veoveoveo's Avatar
    I just did this to a player that was level 6. I asked him if he had any questions. He didn't know how to trade, I told him how, an I also gave him 1,500 gold. It just felt so awesome when he went off to buy new armour from a merchant in FH. It felt great helping them out!
  15. LuvMmorpg's Avatar
    I love to help out anyone. It's the best thing to do to anyone! It's like a christmas gift, helping, peace. I helped a guy with a confusing question he was asking me, and we finally understood how to do the quest and such.