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Hello World!

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Hey gang,

Just a quick hello to introduce the latest addition to my family:

It is a boy! Andrew William, 7 lbs 9 oz.


He had his eyes open and was checking out this crazy world he has just entered. Mom and baby are doing well. I'm checking in from the hospital and see that the Community Team are taking care of things around here nicely.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday content coming out as well as have an awesome holiday season!

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  1. PL Playa's Avatar
    grats oh great one
  2. AveFenix's Avatar
    Congratulations!!! He is soooo cute :D
  3. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    congrats samhayne ..
  4. Dalinuel's Avatar
    Congrats that is one awsome xmas present!
  5. zuesmirza's Avatar
    Congratz Sam.. Wishing you and you family all the happyness..
  6. Piosidon's Avatar
    congratz Sam!
  7. Yutani's Avatar
  8. Walkhardd's Avatar
    Woot!! Congrats Sam!!
  9. LuvMmorpg's Avatar
    Congratulations on the addition to the family Sam! Happy Holidays and have fun playing with him.
  10. Carth's Avatar
  11. Aikiebo's Avatar
    Beautiful baby! Have a great holiday!
  12. Shastacola's Avatar
    Congrats on the little December gift!
  13. MightyMicah's Avatar
  14. Paar's Avatar
    Gratz!!!!!! Hes a cutie!!!
  15. Robsta's Avatar
    Congratulations Sam thats a good looking lil man. Two proudest days of my life when I saw my lil ones born. Thats the greatest gift a dad can get is a healthy child. Merry Christmas to you man
  16. MagneTemp's Avatar
    congrats!!!! wishing you and your whole family the merriest of times!
  17. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    congrats Sam and enjoy!
  18. Sassinya's Avatar
    Now that's the best Christmas gift ever isn't it!? He's very adorable little baby!! May your Holiday be bright!
  19. Olz's Avatar
    gratz dude yet another bundle of joy and nappies
  20. Rittik's Avatar
    Aww So cuuuttee
    Happy Christmas to yoy and your family
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