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It was a rainy night, but a sunny day in Moscow Aglomerate when i first heard of the news that changed my life forever.

I was 12 and doing flips on my hover-board all day long. The only thing brought me home was new holo-version of ancient 'Muppet Show' comedy they were going to launch this evening on HoloTube. I left my board at the door, kicked my shoes off and went straight to the holographer when my mom asked me if i washed my hands. I almost turned to get to the bathroom when the signal of extreme importance showed in the air.

'Attention all earthlings! Attention all earthlings!' - i stopped with my mouth half-open. I still remember this moment, even though now my memory holds many others - more vivid, more brutal, more recent. This signal was a legend among us, kids. We've heard of it from our grand-parents, telling stories about 'New Glacial Epoch' and 'Old Uranium Threat' - those historical cases when all humanity joined its forces and stood as one to save and protect our tiny planet. We were always telling each other kids stuff about 'when the Signal shows i will be....' And now this was real. The signal was before my eyes and i stood with my mouth half-opened.

My story began that exact moment 11 years ago. I was a kid then. Now i'm not even human.

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