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The 'Fast Gates'

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My worst fears haven't come true. The Signal was not alarming humanity about new extinction threat. Instead, it was a sign of dream coming true. This signal told us that we are not bonded to our planet anymore. It was about Fast Gate tech to be researched.

You all know now what are those Gates - they allow us to reach the most distant corners of our galaxy in hours and other galaxies - in days. They make our contemporary world what it is now - fast, efficient, ruthless. But the time the signal was shown we all thought of one thing - the biggest adventure of all times. The adventure among stars. And at the moment i've heard of the gates, i already knew that this is going to be MY adventure.

Nobody knew at that time that Fast Gates can kill a human body faster than a bunch of piranhas can eat a hamster.

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Updated 12-15-2011 at 04:24 PM by flashbackflip

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