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I was happy with my plan to conquer the Universe - getting prepared - taking basic trainings, advanced trainings, extreme trainings; learning all sorts of things i knew would be useful in space - from combat stances to cruiser-class ships navigation. That time made me - myself, but not the 'self' i am now.

I was happy until i got 20 - the age every human takes a test if he can handle 'quantuum turbulence' - the side effect of Fast Gates technology. Statistics say 89% humans can warp through the gates, but i was on the other, 11% side. And that's what started to kill me. I saw my mates were assigned to various missions on distant planets - some of them as researchers, others - as mercs, the new class of hired guns for newly founded corporations. I was drinking on their 'good-bye parties' and every time i was getting more and more wasted just to be able to live with the thought i never leave the Earth. Never. Ever. 'Earthling' became a curse word for me.

I already started loosing my fit and almost lost my mind already when at another party my old pal, who enlisted in Merc Corpus under the name Causatek, introduced me to slim and absolutely sober old man. Colonel - that was a name rather than the rank, but it didn't occur to me at the beginning and i could not care less.

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