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Love of life

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'How do you feel yourself, earthling?' - Colonel asked it as if he was clearly aware that i hated the last word. I stood up and just punched him in the face. My hand hit the air and i fell on the floor, losing balance. The next thing i remember was a white thing.

All-white room with all-white people. And even sounds seemed white. I was somewhere - that's all i knew for sure. I passed out again.

Next time i came to conscious in antigrav bed - floating in the air. Colonel was sitting near with a thingy in hand, turning some kind of plastic sheets with his fingers. He raised his head and this moment i realized that 'thingy' in his hand was a 'book' - ancient text-holding info-container. I've heard of such things just once, long time ago on some kind of historical occasion and i still don't understand how this archaic name stayed in my head.

'A book?' - that was the maximum i could spit out.

'Wow, u r better than u seem to be. Yes. The book. You read it while you r here' - Colonel put this thing into the air - 'This is replica, of course, the real one is in our family for eons and it stays safe only in my library. Though even me can not read it - any touch will make it a dust'

He stood up - 'It is called 'Love of life' and was written 2300 years ago by the man called Jack London. This copy doesn't have the ending. I will be back in a week. By that time you will tell me if the man in this book dies or not.' - and he left the room.

I opened that book the next morning. And i knew the answer by the evening. The man from the book will die.

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