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I was detoxed and re-enabled physically in 24 hours. Days were passing one by one and i had nothing to do - no dreams to dream, no aims to plan a route, no wish to live. The only thing i had was a short book to read. So i read. And again. And again, again, again. By the time Colonel came i knew the right answer - the man in the book will live.

When the door opened and the Colonel came in, i already knew why i am here and i was afraid to be mistaken. The most dreadful moment in my life - the fear i was wrong with my guess.

'I want you to conquer the Universe' - Colonel approached me - 'Are you ready?'
'Yes' - i knew it - 'but how is that possible?'
'I will make a Mod out of your mind. We don't need your body' - Colonel looked at me closer - 'I will reassemble you. Thats what i do with people'

No need to tell you all the specs of this highly illegal operation. The important thing is i stopped being a human. I became a mod. And i became an Operative.

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Updated 12-16-2011 at 04:50 AM by flashbackflip

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  1. Garvhoz's Avatar
    Pretty nice man that was a nice little story there...i think I might make one
  2. flashbackflip's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Garvhoz
    Pretty nice man that was a nice little story there...i think I might make one

    Thank you bro! U really inspire me to write further)

    And i'm glad i inspired you too;))

    Have you read only this one or the whole story from the beginning?
  3. Garvhoz's Avatar
    Only this when I made mine I read the whole thing after I made mine (lol)
  4. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    cool story operatives FTW
  5. flashbackflip's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SUPAPRODIGY
    cool story operatives FTW
    Thanx, man! Read the new one)

    What's FTW?
  6. Scoutninja's Avatar
    make more ur storys r the best!!!!
  7. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    [for the word] an i will read it.