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Haven't slept, obviously the title says it all. But thought I'd list a few things I do to try and fall asleep...(I'm weird) they usually work:

Watch cult classic horror movies
Watch the History channel
Read a book (I gave up on this one)
Try to catch a ghost on camera (lol just pulling your leg, but one day I will and blah...)
Go outside and look for UFO'S in the sky (if it's in the sky, and idk what it's a UFO)
Listen to music (particularly Cradle of Filth and Lady Gaga, weird mix I know)
And last but not least, and of course my Pocket Legends until I drop dead.

Now back to the movie Rosemary's Baby (ooh creepy)

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  1. Blind's Avatar
    Dude you are weird. Trying to catch a ghost in order to get asleep? Man...
  2. Blind's Avatar
    No wonder you have insomnia, get that crap out of your head and you'll sleep better.
  3. saool's Avatar
    Haha! Well thing is that I believe, or at least think my house is haunted... Weird things happen at night. Even during the I want to one day get proof lol
  4. Blind's Avatar
    Your head is haunted mate, not the house. Don't play around with this stuff. It all comes from watching those horror movies, listening to that music and whatever else u do. That's what influences u into thinking your house is haunted. Stick to playing sts mate.
  5. saool's Avatar
    Love how you stated it's my head... Now I'm even more creeped out. :O
    Uhm ok may be my head...but then it must also be everyone else's who lives with me.

    I need to go back to church lol
  6. dugantale's Avatar
    Haha this is awesome, if its in the sky and u dont know wat it id its a ufo!! XD
  7. saool's Avatar

    It's technically true though lol
  8. Suentous PO's Avatar
    I had an argument with my sceptic roomate about the ghost she didn't believe in. we went out that night, came back home where we liked doors, & the house was rearranged. I laughed an said"SEE!"
  9. Suentous PO's Avatar
    * locked doors* that is. I can't edit on blogs I guess.
  10. Blind's Avatar
    Exactly. Go back to Church or read Bible instead of that stuff. Take care.
  11. saool's Avatar
    @Sue ikr! :O
    Things do go bump in the night...

    I actually nvm not going to get into it, but I'm supposed to believe in the holy trinity...*whispers * (it includes a spirit/ghost)