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Upcoming Dungeon Campaign: "The Lost Expedition!" (Level 25 - 30)

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Hi there!

We wanted to let you know about some content that we are polishing and prepping for release next week:

Our next Dungeon Campaign is entitled "The Lost Expedition!" This campaign series takes you to the frozen heights of 'Snowpeak Mountain' where massive ice caves await - filled with evil Frost Knight mercenaries and their vicious Yeti partners!

One of the most impressive aspects of "The Lost Expedition" is the 'frozen' outdoor environment! Snowy roads lined with icy trees and surrounded by frosty fog. Visually stunning!

You will also encounter some very powerful enemies! Frost Archers are particularly deadly (their shots can knock you backwards!) and the Yeti are capable of firing off area-effect freezing attacks - following them up with heavy melee strikes!

Frozen shields, frosty armor, frozen blade weapons, and numerous enchanted weapons that do additional 'Freeze' damage to targets can be found in "The Lost Expedition." Along with icy crossbows and frozen blades you will find some special Enchantress weapons (Ice Wands and Frost Staves).

Please let us know what you think about this upcoming content! If you have any questions, ideas, etc. don't hesitate. Especially if the idea of adventuring in the frozen tundra and fighting giant Yetis gets your creative juices flowing... please let us know what you think would be awesome to see and do.

Thanks so much!

- Cinco

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  1. Flamin's Avatar
    Do you guys know the exact day that this expansion pack is comming out?
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  3. thundergrb77's Avatar
    you guys should make more updates for customizing your character and to make the trading screen more ''roomy'' if you know what I mean. Thanks, Thundergrb77
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