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After my nano-surgery was complete, i was put in testing chambers on a distant submerged base. This base was chosen because my mind was blowing up almost literally if i was surrounded by more than 6 people. Doctors were saying, the operation was successfull, but i doubted it until got under the water.

I was made a mod out of human body. My brain was taken out and put into nanomechanic exoskeleton to exclude my original human body flaws so i could use the Fast Gates. This was great. But also, my brain was tuned to be proper for an Opetative functions, thus making it much more sensitive. Maybe too much. And this is why this operation was highly illegal.

As a mod, i was able to absorb other living creatures feelings now. And that was making me crazy. Actually, the 'creatures' were alright: birds were generally happy in the mornings and a bit sad in the evenings; insects were just busy and constantly concerned; cats were either hungry or euphoric; dogs felt in love all the time when with masters...

It's the humans who drew me sick and mad. Humans... I've been one of them once.. Now i was ashamed of that.. Some of the humans were alright - women mostly - but feelings of majority were just killing me: lust, greed, anger, envy, jealousy, sadness were inside almost each one.

Now, on this deep-sea base i had to train myself to live with that. To live with other humans not wishing to kill everyone just to stop my suffering for them..

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Updated 12-20-2011 at 10:08 AM by flashbackflip

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  1. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Ecstasy is a great drug...........

  2. flashbackflip's Avatar
    Any drugs block yo internal link to the real 'god-like' power, called 'creativity'
    Updated 12-20-2011 at 11:24 AM by flashbackflip
  3. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Think ya took that the wrong way...

    Anyways, thats actually a well thought peice of writing. IMO it has a great informative style to it, like some books i.e. Twilight, or 1984.

    Great job :-D
  4. flashbackflip's Avatar
    Lol) please don't take ME wrong)) i just really think this way and it was a good chance to share! Maybe it will make somebody to think..

    Thanks for the comparison! King and Orwell among my favorites!!

    Stay tuned for more
  5. ninjaduck's Avatar
    woot yeah!
  6. Zeimer's Avatar
    Hey flash! You should publish this on, a place for people to share their story. I've make one, too! This story will be a masterpiece! I repeat, a MASTERPIECE!!!!