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Veteran Rewards are in work!!

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Veteran rewards are in progress according to Samhayne:

'Veteran Rewards are in work. We have the system built to grant items based on account date, the team is putting together the reward items. Look for more details after the first of the year.'

So everyone keep a look out when we enter the new year.

Seasons Greetings


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Updated 02-15-2016 at 02:45 PM by TheSnowman

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  1. Silentarrow's Avatar
    Cool! I can't wait for them .
  2. Engelhard's Avatar
  3. razerfingers's Avatar
    Cool for the people still playing ill pop in someday to see if anything new appears for me :P
  4. Draopwnzall's Avatar
    How will these be granted? To the players that have been in PL the longest?
  5. MightyMicah's Avatar
  6. saool's Avatar
    Hopefully this calms the rage from all the vets...

    Just saying...
  7. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    ^ it wont
  8. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    @draocad the veteran rewards will be granted to players who have been in game the longest. I haven't been a founder, so I probably might not get one.
  9. saool's Avatar
    At least the devs are giving something that NO ONE else will have seeing how that's one if their concerns...but I doubt it well calm them down too...
  10. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    yeah one item compare to all the items we need to buy that cost a kajillion platinum it wont many veterans will come back when first new maps more items less recycle content platinum prices go down an level cap doesnt increase so fast trust me i have talked to every vet before they left an they would agree .
  11. Kakatoa91's Avatar
    Ah... happy somehow.

    Hope it will b something as good as the helm founder.
  12. Ivan Johnson's Avatar
    @skeletonlord partially correct. from my understanding they will be items that are awarded to you when your ingame account reaches a certain age (ex. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years), you will get one eventually.
  13. Piosidon's Avatar
    yes! One more month then!
  14. Draopwnzall's Avatar
    What's a foundet!
  15. PL Playa's Avatar
    maybe I will finally get something, since I was here for the first xmas
  16. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    a founder- someone who has been in game since launch
  17. Engelhard's Avatar
    since the beginning....close to launch....I don't remember the exact day but they had a grace period
  18. deviousdemon's Avatar
    u had to start PL end of june 2010 latest to recieve founders helmet... unfortunately i for myself started in the early days of august 2010 - so i didnt make it to b a founder ... anyway .. so i hope to become kinda veteran next !?
  19. razerfingers's Avatar
    Ive been playing for a year nodda special yet ehh ill wait some more i supose lol
  20. Elyseon's Avatar
    when the system starts, I assume based on your account creation date, u will get stuff depending on how old ur account is. For instance, uve been playing for one year you get something, once uve been playing for two years u will get something else, etc
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