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Comm training

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The training was gruesome, we would always have at least one person die in one day, some of them would die right after the morning exercise. Probably from excessive exposure to the training suits which enhanced our abilities to train harder, poor men. But the real mind blaster of the day was the 12:00pm training even though it lasted only one minute it was the most horrible. It felt like my brain was inploding inside a bowl of pure lemon juice mixed with the hottest hot sauce out there going in a microwave set at 100% power. It was called kinetic infuser. The cheif colonel said it would be useful in the long run.

But the most twisted was the final exam.

It was me and 5 other people we were happy because we thought it was a miracle, 6 people added in the fight against the enemy, in one training team!
The cheif colonel said we would have only one bit of training left he said it just a round of elimination, like we always played when we had free time. So there we were in a free for all no teams we were set with rifles that shot out nova waves. So there we were our code names were Garvhoz(me), Coldsummer, Granite, Crystal, Sapphire(only woman left), and my best friend Frostyshot.
In the beginning we thought the blasts were harmless, we thought that if we got shot we were not going to fight in the war. But when I was in a fire fight and shot at Coldsummer (aimed for the heart) I soon realized that these weren't puny toy shots being fired these shots cut holes in people. As soon as I found that out I got real crazy, I soon started hunting everybody down, then it was finally me and Frosty. He was shooting as if I was some kind of monster I told him these shots were lethal. He said he knew. Thats what destroyed me inside. So I decided to take unaimed shots, when I heard a loud yell I got up and saw that I shot my best friend in the stomach. As I walked up to him in tears I slowly approached him, I said, "dont worry my friend, the shades of death are brighter than you think" and I shot him through the skull.

Thats when I realized this was only the beginning

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  1. adidaman's Avatar
    *find out next week if Derek killed Mandy... as days of our lives continues*
  2. Garvhoz's Avatar
  3. flashbackflip's Avatar
    Nice one, man!

    Reminds me (in a good way) ninja exams in Naruto.

  4. Garvhoz's Avatar
  5. goon's Avatar
  6. OvigorothO's Avatar
    cool but how Is it pure lemon juice if mixed with hottest hot sause? XD nice creative story
  7. Garvhoz's Avatar
    I was just adding stuff together and I was tired when I wrote, so at that time I wasn't really checking my english