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Talk with the cheif colonel

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As I sat there next to my dead friend the cheif colonel came in, filled with rage I shot at him suprisingly he stopped it with his hand. This is what he said
"Hm you thought I was weak enough to be damaged by that, if you continue to train your mind and body like now but on the battle field you will become stronger than even me. To let you know this wasn't for your country, it was to protect the world. If your mad think of this, if we put for the earth im pretty sure the wimpy tree huggers will come on in and die within 5 minutes we wouldnt want that now would we? Since we put for your country we got heartless people looking for glory on the battle field, or people like you that have nothing to lose if you die, no friends, no work, no family, thats what makes a true warrior or as we call them commandoes"
"What are commandoes?"
"Commandoes are kinda like the ancient american military marine corps, they are tough,but commandoes also have a special combat enhancing mind ability, everybody has it but we in this corp go and rip it out of the person's minds and make people like you notice the power you have. Im sure you noticed already, I can see energy circling your hands, and your controlling it, impressive. Now your first assignment will be to go to the top secret space station the Blackstar once your there go to the well known Dynastar high-ranking employees and see what they want"

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