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First assignment

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I went to the Blackstar looking for the dynastar official that needed my help. When I found him and told him everything about why I was here he gave me my first assignment: Terminate all hostile forces in each sector, no prisoners, and keep colateral damage to a minimum.

As I found my way to dynastar labs I see 4 others there waiting for me, they said they needed a comm (commando for short) to keep the focus off the team. As I looked at them I saw major differences between them two of them were wearing a type of glove on each hand that had little strings of static flowing over them, the other two had two guns (one in each hand) I was the only one issued an ARC cannon ( I think ARC stands for Assimilation Reactive Corpser, I didn't bother to ask). As we went by there was nothing we couldn't handle, just some weaklings with small guns. As we reached the end of the sector there was an engineer ( I later learned). He was always shouting during our firefight "I am Clathuu you can never harm me", or "You think that hurt me, to be honest my grandpappy can probably kill you one shot each if this is what you got". I soon got tired of his attitude and I felt a surge of enegry coming from my right hand, as I tried to contain it, it only grew stronger, then I pointed my opened hand towards Clathuu's direction and a wave, no, a hammer of orange energy came out but Clathuu's dodged it as if he had seen it coming.
"ooo sunny boy here is a comm, now aren't yah", said Chlu, "well lets see what you got there besides that lame excuse for a force hammer!"
He completely focused on me ignoring the others he started throwing little spirals of toxic air at me, I could feel it's poisons running threw me weakening me. I tried throwing another blast at him but this time I punched the air, a dramtic difference appeared the "hammer" was about half my size and was incredibly fast, this time it hit Clathuu. As he got hit I heard an oof and he rubbed at his stomach.
"That actually hurt boy", he yelled, "but now I got to show you what a real man of my profession can do!"
He then shot green static from his hands, I felt my life drain away, and it seemed as if his wounds were healing. I soon felt a wave of refreshment come over me as I took cover and I saw one of the glove wearers next to me, he said "This is my special talent, healing people you should feel at the prime of your life by now". I did feel at my strongest, he also said, "the ops are holding him off use that skill of yours to distract him while the rest of us gang up on him".
Alright I will", I said, "just make sure you take him down fast, okay"
As I got up and shot another successful "hammer" at him he turned and started shooting those poison spirals and static bolts, since I knew his moves I dodged most of them with ease, and I kept shooting my "hammers" at him. I saw the glove wearers do the same things as Chlu, yet I saw the others doing different things, things that were too astonishing to describe. As we saw that he was getting sloppy with his fighting I got real close to him, he fired poison at me again but this time I jumped over it and slammed my fist towards him I missed but I hit him with a shockwave of power that was the result of what I did. He fell down suffering from the shockwaves his said while lying down, "great now you got your stomp ability, now I cant win" as we hit him all at once with our 'abilities' he died"

We finished terminating the hostiles of the sector, as we cheered that we killed the threat of dynastar labs. A voice intercom said "Troops this is not over now you must go to the next sector and terminate the others, heal yourselves and get on to the teleporter at the end of the hallway it will get you to where you need to be, good luck to you and I hope Clathuu was the ring leader of this attack.

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Updated 01-05-2012 at 11:03 PM by Garvhoz

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  1. jaythebest's Avatar
    dynaster labs are darn easy bro but uc shipyard the last mission is hard as hell dude uc shipyard 1 dungeon is so easy i beated the whole thing myself level 29 but now i m 31 jaythebest almost 32 with epic armor
  2. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    shipyard last level is hard if you dont have a solid team.
  3. Garvhoz's Avatar
    I was just expressing it from a lv 1-5 point of view at the first person perspective
  4. Delphina's Avatar
    Great blog!
  5. Garvhoz's Avatar
    Thank you that means a lot coming from a mod
  6. Piosidon's Avatar
    even though I rarely play SL anymore, I still love these stories