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Let's get blogging!

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Welcome to the blogs! Well, I'm sure most of you know about them by now but welcome to a little lesson on blogging anyway :) We wanted to open this up to give people a place to blog about Pocket Legends or Star Legends. Things that just aren't really forum threads. I've seen a few blog posts on here that don't really fit the definition of "blog post" so I'm writing this to hopefully give you some inspiration to post!

Lets start by trying to define what a blog is (I'm going to go ahead and just steal this from Wikipedia):
[LIST][*]Many blogs provide commentary on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries.[/LIST]

That second part might be even more helpful than the first. The idea is that a blog is a place for you to expand on your thoughts and write things that are more like articles than just a forum thread. For example, say you were looking for help on creating a new username. Instead of making a post here that says "What should my forum username be?" you could write a blog post called "The 5 greatest usernames of all time." You'd pick 5 usernames you love, write about them, and then end the post by saying "What are YOUR favorite usernames?"

Bingo bango bango... you've got a blog post!

The blog is also a great place to tell stories. [URL=""]Garvhoz[/URL] has been using the blogs to write an excellent series of fiction stories. You could also use it to write about your adventures in Pocket Legends or Star Legends - "How I finally defeated the X boss" or "Today I helped a new player."

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about blogging! There are so many great writers in the STS communities and it would be wonderful to hear from more of you.
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  1. Arterra's Avatar
    The best thing about reading others writing specifically tailored for others (IE blogs) is that it gives you inspiration on what to talk/rant about yourself!
    I'll take a shot at your username idea, with my own angle of course.

    The real issue is getting your words/rants seen. Most people dont actually want to read about some random persons experience with xxxxmap... the sad truth is that what people like most of all is to be given license to say their OWN opinion, and get seen themselves. Hence the popularity of forum games, were most players barely read the first 4 posts, then dive in with their own witty comment, because everyone is the star of their own little comedy.
    How do you work around this? incorporate your viewers into the thread/blog! Ask for their opinions on subjects, and keep all explanation not pertaining to them simple and to the point. It is rude to type in TL;DR, but the truth is that that happens all the time. The best way to make a interesting blog... is to tailor it to the audience.

    In fact, the first part I wrote above does just that. I took something YOU wrote, and promised to give you original feedback on it. Bet you got just a little bit interested, right?

    ...of course, having a giant, great resolution photo of a panda is probably the best way to grab viewers, and skip the whole psychology issue. xD
  2. wizardstarr's Avatar
    Wait im support to read >_<

    Sorry I got distracted with the fluffy panda (>_>) (•_•) (<_<)
    ^ ^ ^
    | | |
    Uzi. Me. Grace.

    Their reaction when I say pandas are cute ^_^

    U can be a hateful & mean person and you would still agree with me

    --------------->You rulez pandar!<---------------
  3. Pandar's Avatar
    @Arterra You are absolutely right about that! Would love to see the username post. I had written that because someone earlier had posted "Help me find a new username" which is not really a blog post... but, in a way, it totally could be! And yeah, the best blog posts are ones that make people actively want to contribute.

    @WizardStarr Haha, you rock dude! Glad you enjoyed the panda ;)
  4. Garvhoz's Avatar
    Awesome nice blog, and I am honored to be mentioned as a writer but it all came from flashbackflip. He was the one who inspired me to do the stories.

    Thanks flashbackflip if your reading this.
  5. ninjaduck's Avatar
    I was actually totally confuzzled about the whole concept of Blogging for about 3 years. Now though, im more into it, and I use my blog to communicate with relatives and such, I write an article, and they make it look nice

    Oh and by thr way im loving the Panda(r) ;D
  6. Vyruss's Avatar
    Would it be acceptable for me to post about the latest tech news on occasion perhaps even the latest android and apple news?
  7. Draopwnzall's Avatar
    Thanks for changing my name! Couldn't reply to message. :P
  8. Cahaun's Avatar
    Why can't I comment on some of the blogs?
  9. Fuzzywig's Avatar
    Well here's a question I have about do I start a blog lol
  10. OvigorothO's Avatar
    if you use a PC browser (not sure bout mobile browsers but definitly not mobile app) under your profile picture and stats,there should be a button that says start a blog
  11. OvigorothO's Avatar
    scratch the part about "definitly not mobile app" because i was wrong. first open the pop up menu click forums,game category,sub category, write your title and description of post then at the bottom click blog as your section
  12. Scottred's Avatar
  13. jestterr's Avatar
    it wont let me post anywhere else so um gonna talk here how can i jkin aoa on my 10 alt?
  14. jestterr's Avatar
    pandaar if u wud plz talk to me about it on forums or add me in game on xpvpgod
  15. jestterr's Avatar
    sry think posted 3. times
  16. Buster's Avatar
    I like tht panda he's cool
  17. superkind's Avatar
    I think I might open blogs/forums for giving advice to new players and kindness promoting ideas!
  18. LuvMmorpg's Avatar
    @wizardstarr You are so right! That panda makes me feel awesome that i'm a panda in PL.

    @Pandar What a nice lesson you taught us today!
  19. flashbackflip's Avatar
    @Garvhoz hey, bro! Thanx for 'thanx')

    Good things grow! I inspired you to start and now you inspire me to continue!

    Keep it real)