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How we address change in Pocket Legends

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There are three main ways for us to augment the game:

1) Server Updates: These are things that we can change server-side. A recent example is when we changed the need for a player to be within a certain range of a mob in order to gain XP to (qucikly) address "leechers". This can happen immediately but requires a server bounce.

2) Data Updates: We can push new data without modifying the code, which gives us tremendous flexibility. Examples include additional dungeons, mob difficulty, and UI enhancements like an offline indicator for friends (whch you will see with today's push). This can happen immediately without a server bounce. Players need to exit the game and log in again in order to download the new data.

3) Client Updates: Fundamental game changes usually require code, which necessitates a new client. Examples of these types of things are the upcoming trade, and larger systems like PvP, guilds, etc. These types of changes require the application go through the approval process at Apple again, which introduces an unknown element with regards to timing.

On a daily basis we comb through issues that folks are having with the game and try to immediately address them either server-side or via data. Bugs are usually taken care of in this fashion as well. We look for ways to augment the game (like some bonus dungeons that are coming down the pipe) that we can do in data.

Larger systems take longer because they require more design and code, and must pass through the App Store before being made available for the players. These Client pushes will happen on a regular basis but not nearly as frequently as our server or data pushes.

I hope this helps explain why we address things in the way that we do, and why some things take longer than others.

Thanks for playing Pocket Legends, and see you in-game!

- g

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  1. EddyBumba's Avatar
    And it's a great way to do it.
    Massive thanks for getting your processes in place to do it. I don't think I've seen so many and such speedy responces to any app and it's another reason why I'll be supporting you guys on the forums and in game with dlc purchases.

    Much love!
  2. Endless's Avatar
    ^^^^^^^^^What he said
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  4. plunkeradam's Avatar
    I got banned because an update wasnt posted to the game.
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  6. Estraz's Avatar
    I like how they address change in Pocket Legends.
  7. ammjbowlen's Avatar
    I am a 49 archer.

    I have a problem with the 1 sec delay for abilities. I understand it being used in person vs person knowing I got own by a 8 lev lower mage but in the story mode I don't get it. It affects everything and I also have died 4 times more do to my mage having to wait for that 1 sec to heal.
    It also makes the game alot slower and I think it being a moble game sometimes I have only alittle time to get on and do a quest now knowing it will take alot longer to do it it might affect how much I play.
    So plz from me and all my freinds take the 1 sec delay out of story mode.
    Updated 04-12-2011 at 08:47 PM by ammjbowlen
  8. closemeza's Avatar
    get over it as long as the game is free
  9. Skeokateva's Avatar
    Thanks! this is a very simple layout and helps cure the curiosity about whats happening with the servers actions and why
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  11. Alfred33's Avatar
    free sounds good