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Paar's Story.. How he got started.

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Hello Everyone! Im going to take the time and write oit my story of all I remember from PL and now SL.

CHAPTER 1: The App Discovery

It all started sitting in my living room watching Pawn Stars. I had been bored from trying to figure out my new phone. As I looked through out the market, I noticed all these apps and I tryed some, then I stumbled across Pocket Legends? I had played this before, but never really had the hang of it. I downloaded the app knowing I've played once before and gave it a swing!

CHAPTER 2: The class!

After upon downloading the app, I had 3 choices... The archer, the warrior, and the enchanter. Now me being the big bad cowboy I am decided to be the warrior. Also I like melee. So now came the name, I being the noob didn't know how to make a name so I had a random generated name, which became my name today Paaraseva!

CHAPTER 3: The Skill Evolves!

Skipping my Noobier days... Now after becoming a little more familiar with the game, I eventually learned how to level up, make money, etc. At this time I was about level 18 and made my first 10k, I was killing left and right and just as amazing as I thought I could be! Then, I saw a Lvl 56... and I thought " WOW! I wish I was that good! " (to be continued...)

CHAPTER 4: My first Best Friend!

About this time I was Level 27 and I was in Lost Expodition. I was in Map 2 when this guy Ebakin just PM'd Me ... Sup, Me being a little creeped out, because it was my first pm, was like Uh Nm Hbu? You guys know the usual text back message whem You dont know what to put. He PM'd back saying Nm wanna PVP? Now I again being a noob, didnt know how to PVP? I said How? he said Add me and click Join when You see me go to this room and so I did.

CHAPTER 5: My first PVP fight!

After I joined him he said Go? I was thinking where to? So I said Go (Question Mark) and He started attacking me! I was like Ow! He said Gf, and at the time I didnt know what that meant. So being a noob I said what Lol ... (Skipping A few chapters...)

CHAPTER 6: Paaraseva Elite is born.

I had just reached 48, Now I had learned how to make money and PVP casually, I learned the CS, and how to Merch a bit. I also finally got to go to Balefort Sewers! I was getting booted though, wih the boots saying to grind in AO3, So I did. I had got 53 and was about to do my first GoldFever fight! I had my orange/green gear on ready for battle then... I died... But! got Revived! And Never died after that! After that battle, I was the happiest bear in the whole wide Alterran world, because I had gotten my first Raid Roach Helmet Lvl 53! I sold it for about 75k at that time because I didnt know price and thus I made my first 100k! (Skipping Ahead)...

CHAPTER 7: My First Guild!!!!!

This is a few updates later, but I had just met my new Best Friend Hankomachos! I had been wanting in his guild Alterran Royal Guard for so looooooong! He made it sound so good and awesome! And finally!!!! He invited me! Upon Joining his first words to me were. No begging or you get the boot. I was like psssh buddy you know me Lol(: Then I met my other friends! I met the master Siejo! Who is one of my best friends now! And All of ARG's members! Who are very awesome and are some of my best friends today! (Skipping to the end)

CHAPTER 8: The end of my PL days... And beginning of my SL!

I had been growing tired of PL... It was kind of boring now, I had gotten everything I needed. My sets, gold, friends, etc. I was going to quit entirely then I heard SL was out for android beta! I downloaded the app, thinking I would walk in and be a pro! I guess I was wrong... The cap was 21 atm, and I was 16, Commando, I made plans to Level all 3 Classes to 20 on SL, and I did! I had an Operative, Engineer, and Commando. The next cap came and I decided to leave because once again I was bored... so I left. I went back to PL! I leveled up to 65 and Planned for 66(: But then...

CHAPTER 9: The Final Switch!

I had made my decsion clear... I decided to quit Pocket Legends forever and Start on Star Legends, at this time the cap for SL was 36 and almost the 41 update. I decided to lvl to 35 but missed the 35 mark before the update. I had gotten to 32 with my commando and 22 for my engineer... After that update though...

CHAPTER 10: The Super Grind!!!

It was winterfest and the update had brought forth a new generation for me! Immediatly after that update I grinded to 40! And I did. But Then I saw L.35 Plasmatech Gear and was like Holy**** Thats beast! So, I decided to Level my engineer to 40! And I did! Now I have a 40 Commando and Engineer!

CHAPTER 11: The Start of Twinking!

I had never got the chance to level my operative so I made a new one and He was Level 10, I got all the gear I needed and found out I was Amazing at Pvp! I met my buddy NinjaDuck who I actually met after rushing him and he got mad and we made up Lol! Now were good pals! I also met Twinkenstein who is another amazing pvper!

CHAPTER 12: My life today!

I am now currently enrolled in the Blackstar Cyber Guard. They are my family long ago from the days of Alterra, these elite PL'ers have bound and woven this guild, because of me! Soon we will evolve! I'm also in the guild Project Twink, my twink is XxPaarxX, he's beast ( No bragging Intended) and I am also participating in Ardons Tournement 10-15 Twinks, Its me Vs Twinkenstein, Super Excited, been worken hard amd laying off that super grind for a bit Im 3.1k towards 28k so... Ill try my hardest tp gring that last 24.9 after the tourney(:


~ Paar

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Updated 01-15-2012 at 01:45 PM by Paar

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  1. Jugernugett's Avatar
    just wanna ask, what do u mean by.... ardons tourney? for birds? when? how to sign up?
  2. Siejo's Avatar
    We miss you!!
  3. Paar's Avatar
    Its a SL Twink 10-15 Tourney(: and its starting Monday!
  4. juggernaunthy's Avatar
    good story it was amazing and sad when you said you quit pl but then you joined against and I was like yes then you went back to sl and I was like awhhhh
  5. Hankomachos's Avatar
    Great read. :) Sorry if I was mean when I recruited ya, lol. I meant it in a nice way! :D
  6. Paar's Avatar
    Hank I love ya buddy! Like a brother! Or a dog?
  7. Siejo's Avatar
    You forgot to add that you are beginning a new story in SL with the Blackstar Cyber Guard hehehe.
  8.'s Avatar
    I think sl suks
  9. Rittik's Avatar
    Nice story bro
    i will be writting my own soon
  10. Defyduck's Avatar
    You are lucky you got invitation.I asked Hank can i join his guild as he was the only one on my friends list from SL.He and some officers invited me to dungeon,asked few Qs and discussed,finaly said "you are not serious" I asked myself "lol really?" and replied Ok.Then they all left the zone all of a sudden without saying anything.I still dont know what they thought....
  11. Legendslayers's Avatar
    great story worth the read