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It's Chris here, and this is going to be my first blog on: Music.

If you have seen my YouTube Channel, you might have guessed that I'm more of a techno guy, but believe it or not, I love many genres. Rap, pop, rock, country, dub step, techno, house, trance, and even classical! To me, it doesn't matter who or what kind of music it is. If it is something you like, your mood will ultimately fit into the song. That is how you tell whether it is a good song or not.

Sometimes, I feel so down when I listen to songs such as "If I die Young" by Band Perry, on the other hand, I just want to party all night when I listen to "Like a G6" by Far East Movement. And listening to Katy Perry or Taylor Swift isn't gay. I can listen to what ever I want, don't judge me by my music, judge people by their personality and morality.

Quote-"Just cause I stand up for gay rights doesn't mean I'm gay. I stand up for animals doesn't mean I'm an animal. I'm against deforestation but that doesn't make me a tree."


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  1. Beanmachine's Avatar
    Please rate, comment, subscribe.
  2. Legendslayers's Avatar
    I totally agree with you no one should judge you on what music you like. Great blog btw
  3. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    this is an awesome blog beanie!
  4. Defyduck's Avatar
    lol classical?
  5. Beanmachine's Avatar
    @Defyduck-You know those things called piano's and violins?
    Occasionally if I want to relax in bed, I listen to classical.

    @Skeletonlord & Legendslayers- Thank you! Still need to hone my blogging skills.
  6. Defyduck's Avatar
    seriously? classic here is tabla and sitar
  7. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    I like music like Cee Lo green and take that
  8. Qqqxxxzzz's Avatar
    I like classical, and I play piano
  9. Legendslayers's Avatar
    Its like what beanmachine said it depends what mood your in
  10. Jugernugett's Avatar
    cool! great blog!
  11. saool's Avatar
    Favorite composer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! And cool quote
  12. LuvMmorpg's Avatar
    I'm a definite techno/classical person. Let's just say.. it speaks to me. I also like romanian music. I have a lot of recommondations. Classic: Canon in D-Pachellabella(or whatever); Techno: Daddy DJ; and Romanian: Martin Silence feat. Kika- You & me. Hope you like them.
  13. Beanmachine's Avatar
    @jugernuget wants back-Thank you!
    @Saool- Cool! Thanks. I heard some of his compositions.
    @LuvMmorpg-I'll be sure to check them out!
  14. Arterra's Avatar
    My favorite music actually comes from television.
    I watch a show, and if I hear in the background some actually good music, I end up looking it up and get into a new artist.
    Heck, I am flat out buying the soundtracks for all the seasons of Californication (R) simply because it is diverse enough, and a honestly good selection. I suggest you look up things like Behind Blue eyes (version by Sheryl Crow) and L.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold remix)... soundtracks from the above mentioned series.