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The Re-making of Snakespeare

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Last week, after hitting 65 in Pocket Legends, I realized that I was more or less done. My options were to go on to elite cap, level an alt, level an alt in SL, farm with twinks, or just hang out. None of these options was very appealing to me.

So, for the second time, I renamed my existing main, made it a twink, and restarted it!

Why restart? Why not just make a new character by a different name? Fact is, I have a dozen of these other characters. I don't care about my alts as much as I care about my main character. I did it once before, and I know that it works. When I remake my main, it is simply more intriguing than when I just make up a new character.

The last time I remade my main it was because quests had been added to the game and I wanted to know how the game played with quests. I joined in June 2010 and leveled three characters, one of each type, through each campaign. When they all reached 50, I focsed a lot on my twinks, but the game wasn't as intriguing. So I got that crazy idea and remade with the intent of doing quests. Toward the end, however, I needed to slam a lot of elixirs. Another goal was to keep the deaths to a minimum, and the elixirs helped that.

This blog will track the new Snakespeare's advancement including pictures. I took some nice moment-of-level-raise screenshots, and I will relate anecdotes about each campaign. Entries will be sporadic, but I will try to post often.

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  1. adidaman's Avatar
    Don't worry. The lack of comments means we all care about your character :D
  2. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Nice one Snake, are you using lixes for the latest character?
  3. ninjaduck's Avatar
    PS: Adidaman, as a matter of fact, I care, because Im looking forward to seeing his progress.
  4. adidaman's Avatar
    I wasn't being sarcastic dude, lol. I was being serious
  5. Snakespeare's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments. I still have a few more posts to go to catch up to my progress. I will make at least one post per campaign, possibly more.

    p.s. I do have a sense of humor, so even if it was sarcastic, I laughed. Of course the reason I am blogging all this is simply because I have a lot to say and there's no need to clutter the boards with my blather.
    Updated 01-18-2012 at 12:12 PM by Snakespeare
  6. Barbamitsos's Avatar
    Snaky u started playin again? hope to see u soon ingame. Will add ur remademainblablabla
  7. Snakespeare's Avatar
    Barbamitsos, my old friend!

    Yes, I took a break to discipline myself because I wasn't writing enough. I found that I could write a few pages a day on the bus, but it was very distracting. I still write on the bus, but if I'm going to be distracted, I would rather be distracted by a game. Besides, a lack of discipline is part of my personality, and I just wouldn't be me if I changed that!

    If you have your old level 19 twink, stop by and run with me!
  8. Mothwing's Avatar
    Very interesting I could imagine its a blast but i dont think im daring enough to do it. Im amazed at how much clearer the graphics look on your...droid? Anyways, best of luck and most of all have fun!