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Sankespeare Re-Make: Forest Haven

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Forest Haven is a campaign I know very well. I pay in Forest Haven when I want a Fast Game. Let me explain the Fast Game first.

The point of a Fast Game is to treat PL:FH as a standalone single-player. i start by tapping Unregistered Account and take whatever random character and name the system gives. My intent then is to run each of the five maps only once and still complete all quests. There are two tricks to that, but otherwise you can simply take any available quest as you do the levels. The first trick is actually a glitch. The tutorial dumps you into FH1, but the quest to find the first NPC is given in town. So after the tutorial I always jump out of the FH1 instance and see Ellie and the Blacksmith. THEN I play FH1, locked. The other trick is before entering FH5. There is one NPC who gives a quest to find Slkknight's hideout and report to the Blacksmith. Simply entering FH5 completes this quest. So I take the quest, create a locked FH5, enter, leave, see the Smith, then enter my locked game again. At the end of a Fast Game, I always delete, but first I look over the drops. The point was to have fun and be done. It also is a challenge to complete the run on a single commute.

In re-making Snakespeare, I wanted to do something different from my Fast Games. First, I skipped the tutorial, but I did choose the Premium package. As far as I know, I will not re-make again, so this should be my main from now until the game ceases to exist. Therefore, I do want the inventory slots, and especially the extra merchant slots. And the premium starting gear is new to me, too.

When I got the FH1 with 0 kills, 0 deaths, and 0 xp, I paused a moment and thought about how I would level. It occurred to me that FH is a great place to rack up the kill numbers early and still be deathless entering Dark Forest. I did FH1 over and over, solo, keeping all the kills for myself. After the first few times I did Meathead, I decided to give him a rest. But I must say, it is a riot to solo Meathead on a low level character. I am glad that he is the first boss. New players get to see that the game was written with a sense of humor, and that sets the tone for their entire experience.

A friend pm'd me when I reported my 500th kill saying "too slow". Then when I said I was hoping to reach 750 by tenth level (I think that was the number), she said, don't forget to disable xp gain just before Silk. By then is was too late. I believe the actual number turned out to be 738 by tenth level.

From tenth level to thirteenth level, I stayed in FH, running FH5. I determined that Silkknight spawns when there are ten remaining, so I contrived to farm Silk as many times as possible before moving on to Dark Forest. The result was, unfortunately, not a pink drop. I was wearing Big Luck the entire time, but the best result was a green. That really was OK, because I already have an Orcish WIldfire Bow. The green was pretty cool, but I know that the greens in DF1 are better. It was Witch's Forest Fire Staff. If I were a mage it might have been cool. But I have too many of them already.

I accomplished most of what I wanted. I had the most kills I could get without being too hardcore about it. If I really wanted max kills, I realized, I should turn off XP until the threat level goes white, and after ten until it goes blue.

I did not use elixirs during the FH campaign because it would reduce the number of kills. They really aren't needed in FH, and in my opinion, Victor the Pusher should not be in Forest Haven. It bothered me to see Victor constantly tempting me with a free daily elixir. I thought maybe I will rewrite the Steppenwolf song and dedicated it to Victor. I would go someing like this:

You know I have a lot of deaths,
I got a lot of kills,
but I haven't done nothing
that would taint my special thrills.

Unfortunately, the language gets a bit nasty after that, so I would advise people to look for the Steppenwolf song on You-tube, The Pusher, and have a laugh.

Pictures coming.

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  1. Snakespeare's Avatar
    brilliant! i can't even type me name without that lysdexic transposition of characters... LOL!
  2. Fyrce's Avatar
    It's Vincent, isn't it. I totally agree he shouldn't be in FH. New players should be learning the game, not powerleveling. Or maybe he can be in Skelly Cults. And yeah, FH5 Silknight does not drop well. I think in FH, Skelly Cults has the best chances.

    After that, it's onward to DF.

    Nice blog!