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Snakespeare Re-make: FH pics

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Here's the first level-up picture. I positioned it near the skull torch for extra flames.

The Orcish Wildfire Bow looks nicer with a blue coat than with the dark forest leather, so this is the stand-around-town look.

But for gameplay, the dark forest leather is better.

Needless to say, after snapping this pic, I had to move on the Dark Forest.

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  1. Jugernugett's Avatar
    what's with the re-makes? lol
  2. Fyrce's Avatar
    I actually like the green armor w/ the orangish-yellow bow. Did you try the WF stuff? I liked the WF items for INT along w/ plat armor, and I thought I had my dex bear w/ WF stuff, but maybe he doesn't have enough DEX for actual L10 items...

    Also, the blog right side menu cuts off your pictures

    I love this new journey. Keep it up!
  3. Snakespeare's Avatar
    Thanks, Fyrce! Yeah, I saw that with the pics, and the wider you make the screen the better. On a small screen it must be terrible. But if you right-click, or tap and hold, you can get a menu and view the picture by itself. The only alternative is to shrink them, but they get all fuzzy then.

    Thanks for the encouragement!