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Snakespeare Re-Make: Elixir Free

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So I said no to Victor all the way through Forest Haven because I wanted to maximize the kill numbers, and it got me to thinking about elixirs.

Now, I know that many games have a way to play that makes it easier. When you start a character in Aralon, for instance, you get to pick the level of difficulty. If you choose Novice, or Easy, the xp gain is faster, the mobs are weaker, and your armor and weapons are better.

In our game this is done with elixirs.

Back when we were leveling in the Halls of Mynas, you could buy a 5-minute double XP elixir for 1500 gp, and after it expired, you would liquidate all the crappy orange drops for a net gain in gp. So it really didn't cost anything, and everyone did it. in response the devs made XP requirements higher (and added Djins!) so that people would take the intended amount of time to level.

Then came Cinco Loco and elixirs went plat. And as each new campaign came out, even more XP was necessary. Before longer there were plat addicts playing the game with such haste that the running joke was that they would probably pay for a level if they could.

Just before the release of Fang the XP requirements were lowered again. I rushed my leveling of the second iteration of Snakespeare so I could be ready for Fang. Others were trying to get the elite cap item and it was easy to grab a 4x combo and run with them. I also got a nice Christmas bonus and was able to buy all the plat I wanted.

I must confess now. I did all of Fang on 4x combos. How did I feel about it? Not good.

Going back to my earlier point about game difficulty, I have never been one to choose the Easy setting. There's nothing wrong with choosing Easy, but I just don't see the point of playing a game other than the challenge.

Was that behind my decision to re-make? Maybe it was. Maybe I felt I had tainted the character with too many elixirs.

If you dig around in old posts from when I first joined the game, I was always on the bully pulpit about slow leveling. I feel that the game isn't about being capped. The game is about how well you play. And maybe rushing through Fang left a bad taste in my mouth.

Recently I sort of jokingly suggested a badge for players who never used a single elixir, even turned down the free daily one. Well, I have a lot of toons, and I can say that most of my twinks didn't level with elixirs. However, my main did.

Now that will change. I have given myself the challenge to go all the way to cap without using a single elixir. Don't worry, devs, I am still spending plat on other things, mostly vanities. And I've always got the old second Snakespeare (currently named Emorin) who can play in Humania (with elixirs) when it comes out.

I just want to see give myself this awesome challenge and see what comes of it.

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  1. razerfingers's Avatar
    Sweet, tell me how it works for ya snakey
  2. Epic Unicorns!'s Avatar
    Go get em! I have started this with a bear...I am not very good yet, but I am grinding elixir free. Maybe I could join some time.
  3. Snakespeare's Avatar
    correction: Many have already noticed but, the elixir vendor is named Vincent.

    and an added note: Vincent was removed from map 1 sometime last October. This seems like a nice place to give a thumbs up to that decision.