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Snakespeare Re-Make: Dark Forest

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Dark Forest - where you can give a Troll a piece of your mind!

I'm fairly familiar with this campaign, but I don't do it very often. Early on, this was the place where you could get an extremely rare pink. Vinny the Minotaur dropped some level 14 pink armor on me in It Must Be Magic and I use it on my level 15 twink, Artio.

The first thing to understand about Dark Forest is that you have to be more careful. The bad guys' armor and health attributes aren't that much higher than their equivalent in Forest Haven, and they look similar, but they hit harder. In fact, your toon is more likely to die from the mobs than from the bosses. How do they do that? Well, the mobs actually work together. Notice how there are brawlers and archers together. Well, the brawlers close with you and break your armor, and the archers stand back and DPS you to death. So, you do what they programmed the bosses to do; you go after the highest DPS first. You have to take responsibility for your own aggro. You can't let the Auto-Attack choose your opponents. Well, you may, but it will cost you in health pots.

The other thing about Dark Forest is that here you find a serious deficiency of mana. You can wear Burglar's items, but even that doesn't really help. You can put extra points to Int, but that takes away from the health you got by putting extra points in Str. And you only get 1 M/s per ten points of Int, which means a 21 Int at level 10 gets 2 M/s. The reason for the mana shortage is because this is when you start using skills that have a high usage cost, and with the damage coming in faster, you have to damage them faster, so you need to use those skills. In the final analysis, you just have to bite the bullet and spend 3000 gp for 200 mana pots a few times and use them.

I died twice so far, both times stupidly. The first time I thought, "Gee, is it true that Silkknight doesn't spawn like other bosses but is waiting there already?" So I rushed to the end to see. Like I say, it was stupid. Yes, she was there, and then a dozen swordsmen surrounded me. I tried to Log Out, but ended up in my inventory. I cancelled in time to find myself floating over my splattered birdie like some patient etherized upon a table (sorry, Possum). The other death was similar, but has more to do with my clumsy fingers and the iPhone. I tried to pull Vinny too soon. It's really best to clear his area down to just a few mobs before pulling him, but I was greedy and his mobs debuffed me so he was able to take me out.

I am still trying to maximize kill count, but I'm not trying to make it to the LB for ratios. I just think it looks as good as a nice vanity to show off high kills and low deaths. I hear people say that kill count doesn't matter, but the fact is we are each motivated by different goals, and I consider a good ratio more respectable, especially because I am playing a bird. So I reached 3K but forgot to screenshot it. The title was cool but I forgot it quickly. One wish I have for PL is that we could actually have these titles on our avatar page. Here's some math. With 360 XP left before the kill counting stops, and XP coming in at 50%, it will limit the number of runs I can make. It takes 24 mobs to clear down to Vinny in It Must Be Magic. That's 12 xp which comes to 30 runs against Vinny. I know he drops pink level 14 because it happened once before. But to get a 15 I have to go for the King of Bling. The King doesn't spawn until there are 25 mobs left, out of a starting 90. So that's 66 kills and 33 xp which comes to 11 runs against the King. I decided to go for the King. And I am wearing Big Luck, of course.

So here's the best screenshot from my runs in DF. It's a Troll snapped at the exact moment of the video zoom-in, so there are no stats or anything on the screen, and it's big. I think this graphic would be perfect for a "Don't Feed the Trolls" meme.

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  1. adidaman's Avatar
    It's still cool but it's getting a little old. we need some pink pics (:
  2. Snakespeare's Avatar
    I hope you don't mean blogging the re-make is getting old. If so, well, it will get a lot older! LOL! I'm going to make at least one post per campaign.

    But I agree. No pink drops yet. I would love to have one to share.
  3. Fyrce's Avatar
    Nice troll pic!

    I think birds have it a bit harder than other classes, but kiting is still doable. You do gotta make sure to avoid the melee hits.

    I don't care about pink drops as much, though you might consider hanging out till you get one...? Or just go back here with your dailies to farm one. Maybe...

    Or just farm Fathom for L15s.

    Cool blog!
  4. Flip's Avatar
    I'm really enjoying this series, thanks for sharing your experience!
  5. Arterra's Avatar
    I can NEVER find the original when I need it, but IMO there is a better troll pic out there... this one looks like it is farting xD

    you know, the one I used to use as the king of the hill cutout.

    it looks like we need a zoomed in boss screenshot contest to settle it...
  6. Snakespeare's Avatar
    There is an error in my blog above. The King of Bling doesn't spawn, he's there from the start. I had some fun pulling him out while trying not to draw any trolls, but never did get a drop better than green. On to Balefort!
  7. Snakespeare's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Arterra
    ... this one looks like it is farting xD ...
    Oh, I see that! LOL!
  8. adidaman's Avatar
    You could probably nab a pic of me from somewhere off the Internet.
  9. Fyrce's Avatar
    I try to figure out how many trolls I can (mostly) safely kite and kite all of them, including the King. Though sometimes I try not to because it usually results in most people jumping the group. (Chickens!) Doing 1-2 trolls at a time is SLOW! It's so much faster to kite them all