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Pocket Legends: One Month In

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Pocket Legends has been in operation for just over one month, so it is a great time to review where we have been and talk briefly about where we are going.

First and foremost, we have been thrilled with how the community has come into being. At any given time there are between 75 – 125 people browsing our forums, all contributing to the growing pool of knowledge that exists about the game. Virtual guilds have arisen, rivalries have emerged, and in general a rocking good time can always be found there. We’d like to thank you all for your guidance, contributions, and feedback… you REALLY help us to know what is going on in the game on a minute-by-minute basis.

Secondly we have been stunned by the press response to the game. The press has been kind and complimentary to us, and we are very appreciative. It has been very affirming for us to know that the critical response to a product that we have poured our hearts and souls into is so well received.

Third, as a development team it has been a blast to finally be able to show our chops. This is the first live project we have been on since Star Wars: Galaxies, and we are loving getting back into the groove. Our technology has proven to be rock-solid and amazingly powerful. This is evidenced by the fact that in the last month we have had 18 content updates, 2 content expansions (Lost Expedition and Ancient Swamps), and 1 client update (stash, trade, platinum). The Spacetime Engine allows up to update the game, sometimes multiple times a day, and it has been a thrill for us to be in a tight feedback loop with the community to continually improve upon the game.

Finally, we are tremendously excited by the things that are coming down the pipe. Asommers has been keeping everyone updated as to our development roadmap, but some of the highlights include PvP, guilds, pets, housing, more player customizations, multiple townes, leaderboards, auction house… basically everything we need for a full-on MMO.

We’ve got multiple channels to communicate with our players, but I would encourage you to join our two main ones to keep up to date on everything that is happening:

Our Facebook page is here:

Our Twitter feed is here:

Of course our Forums are the most active place for the community, we very much encourage you to come hang out with us there. We read every thread and enact change in the game based on your opinions, sometimes within minutes.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved, we are totally psyched to see what Pocket Legends grows into with your help!

- The Spacetime Studios Dev Team

PS: Here’s a full list of changes that have gone into the game in just over a month. Some are big, some are small, but they all contribute to our commitment to making this the best MMO ever, regardless of what platform it happens to be on:

  • Boss monsters are now immune to all categories of ability effects: rooting, freezing, burning, weakening, fear, armor-break, etc.
  • Generic Troll monsters are no longer considered bosses and no longer have 'boss-level' loot.
  • Frosty bosses in the "Lost Expedition" campaign now drop several more Epic and Legendary items! Look for frozen axes, ice-bolt staves, frosty auto-crossbows, frozen shields, ice wands, wings and spikes with higher-level enchantments.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Saintly Shield" statistic requirements. This shield no longer requires INT. It requires STR (as originally intended).
  • Optimized several particle systems
  • Some minor server optimizations
  • Croc monsters can now run a bit faster than they could previously.
  • Fixed swamp access icon
  • Added lower level of detail for player characters
  • Facebook integrated is now enabled (from the Login screen, click Options | Facebook)
  • Fixed inability to use skill immediately after respawning
  • Added warning to Give screen that mentions it is not secure trade
  • Made iPad Potion store, Buy Platinum, and Upgrades pages consistent with iPhone version.
  • Possibly fixed teleporting into the middle of a dungeon on continue
  • Item drop rates have been reduced for 'mini-boss' mobs in the Dark Forest dungeons.
  • Additional stash slot purchases have been temporarily removede from the Upgrade Store until we can fix a usability/interface problem with the stash system.
  • A character may no longer rejoin an instance after being booted from it.
  • The "Ancient Swamps" dungeon campaign (for character levels 30-35) is now available.
  • Raised level cap to 35!
  • The first four dungeon campaigns ("Dark Forest," "Balefort Castle," "Fathom Crypts," and "Lost Expedition") can be purchased in a single discounted 'Campaign Pack!' Check the 'Upgrades' store for this and more.
  • Fixed mobs possibly getting stuck invulnerable
  • Removed cancel button from patching page. Cancelling causes problems with the current client.
  • Fixed issue where Warrior "Evade" skill was not firing off its visual effects.
  • Bosses are no longer immune to Weakness, Stun, Armor-break and Fear effects.
  • Moved "Level Complete" text, "Continue", and "Exit Level" buttons towards bottom of main screen
  • Players can no longer host townes.
  • Dagger speeds have been increased. In conjunction with this, Dagger minimum and maximum damage values have been reduced in order to keep this class of weapon in its proper place within the weapon DPS hierarchy.
  • iPad: Stash shows 5 inventory items per page, adjusted layout and help
  • Decreased trash loot drop rates to compensate for increased boss loot drop rates
  • Fixed transparency on tapestries
  • You no longer get a kill for mobs that don't give you any xp
  • Added three chat states to iPhone. Click on the top line of chat to switch between one, three, and nine lines of chat!
  • The Ursan "Warlord" armor, Enchantress "Rainbow" robe and the Archer's "Shooting Star" leather are once again available in the Forest Haven towne vendor.
  • Fixed incorrect texture on Jeweled Battle Crossbow weapons.
  • Fixed showing purchase recommendations for campaigns you already own
  • Game balance changes have been made to loot! Loot is now dropped based on the items' rarity (as opposed to the old system where loot drops were chosen 'randomly'). Bosses now drop loot every time they die.
  • Rori the Towne Historian now has information about where to find vendors in-towne.
  • Bennu has been given the ability to sell items. Only low-level mundane items; no magical items. Bennu can direct you to Ozz the Merchant (in the Forest Fortress) and Ellie the Enchantress.
  • Hosted game names are truncated to 20 characters
  • iPad: Fixed skills help overlay
  • iPad: Fixed avatar help overlay
  • iPhone and iPad: Fixed stash user interface and help
  • iPhone: Fixed placement of help button on menu screens
  • iPhone: Fixed friend ignore listing showing up incorrectly if you had pending friends
  • iPhone: Added help to the iTunes store page
  • iPhone: Various changes to Store screens to reflect new names (Potion Store, Buy Platinum, and Upgrades!), updated help screens
  • Enemy health bars are larger
  • Tells to inactive characters on active accounts will no longer say they went through when they didn't.
  • Bone textures are back! Items that had their 'bone' textures switched with the basic texture (a problem with data in the 1.1 update) are now fixed.
  • Continuing from one dungeon to another in a campaign reserves spots for the original party for 2 minutes.
  • Respecs cannot be done if you do not currently have any spent skill or attribute points.
  • You can now purchase additional stash slots with platinum
  • iPad: Fixed lockup (freeze) when exiting a completed mini dungeon
  • iPhone: Fixed top skill icon recharge fill showing wrong icon
  • iPhone: Fixed one of the ability recharges showing the wrong icon.
  • iPhone: Fixed placement of help on avatar screen
  • iPhone: Reduced size of player indicator on hud.
  • iPhone: Reduced chat display to 3 lines.
  • iPhone: Move chat text to top of hud.
  • iPhone: Moved chat buttons to bottom of hud.
  • Stash should be working properly
  • Set level for campaign purchases requirement to Level 1 so they are not red in the iTunes store
  • In the "Kings' Forest," in the "Magic Castle" and in the "Mega Maze" you now have the chance to find:
  • Battle Axe of the Bear and the Battle Axe of the Conqueror
  • Battle Crossbow of the Eagle and the Sniper's Battle Crossbow
  • Bonestaff of Darkbolt and the Dreamer's Bonestaff of Darkbolt
  • New 'Bone' armor drops
  • New custom high-end armor pieces have been added to the in-game vendor (Buy with Gold)!
  • The "Ursan Warlord" armor sports a new black-and-white face paint (and long-black hair extensions).
  • A new "Rainbow Robe" adds colorful dress and new cosmetics colors for the Enchantress.
  • And the "Shooting Star" leather provides a stylish alternate for high-end Avian looks!
  • Fixed character getting stuck if respawning while frozen
  • Exiting a dungeon while dead will now bring you back to life
  • Unintentional PvP should no longer be possible
  • Debuffs which modify stats should now apply to creatures properly (ie. Archer's Break Armor)
  • News button is now prominently displayed
  • Healing abilities generate a bit less threat.
  • Warrior has been changed compare more favorably with Enchantress and Archers (in terms of both DPS and TANKING roles).
  • The Warrior's preferred offhand shield and torso armor types (chain and plate) offer more armor protection.
  • Warrior characters also now have more base DPS and a higher base chance to Dodge.
  • In terms of DPS: the Warrior's preferred 1h and 2h weapons have been given a significant boost in damage (but higher STR requirements to wield in some cases).
  • Warrior 'Slash' abilities do a lot more damage.
  • Warrior 'Rage' self-buff yields a higher DPS during the buff period.
  • Warrior 'Iron Blood' provides more armor (but has a longer cool-down).
  • Knock-back effects for the 'Mega Slash' have been reduced considerably.
  • A chance to 'Stun' targets has been added to 'Stomp,' 'Hellscream' and 'Mega Slash.' Chance to stun targets increases with increased skill ranks.
  • Warrior self-buffs "Rage" and "Iron Blood" can now be cast while moving.
  • Warrior area target de-buff "Hellscream" can now be cast while moving.
  • Archer ranged weapons are now significantly more powerful (especially when compared with daggers - which were dramatically over-powered).
  • Crossbow weapons do significantly more damage per shot. Bows, crossbows and auto-crossbows are the top-tier for ranged damage-dealing.
  • Talon Spike weapons do more damage per hit (compared to previous iteration) but not as much as daggers to balance the fact that Talons are ranged / daggers are melee.
  • Dagger attack period increased to bring DPS in range with other class' melee weaponry.
  • Daggers now get a 'bleed' effect (drains target health over time, stacks) that can hasten an enemy's demise - to make up for the DPS nerf.
  • Enchantress' preferred weapons are now more powerful.
  • All 2h Magestaff weapon damage increased to make 2h staff mages more about DPS.
  • All 1h Wand weapon damage decreased to balance with off-hand shield / mage-tanking.
  • Fixed chat text to display well in all zones
  • Moved iPad virtual joystick 50 pixels to the right
  • Damage mitigation generates a bit more threat.
  • Fixed inability to progress past last dungeon in Lost Expedition
  • Updated specials! Dark Forest is now $0.99.
  • Fixed rendering of login screen (off by 2 pixels)
  • Level cap raised to 30
  • Fixed a problem with "Fire" and "Ice" wands giving an un-balanced amount of armor. Wands should not give any armor; casters should instead pair with an offhand shield item (like the Demon's Eye bracer).
  • Added additional titles for Enchantress and Archer achievements
  • Fixed a problem where Level 25 loot was not being dropped by Level 25 monsters!
  • 'Character Re-Spec' is now on-sale! Price has been reduced to 99 cents.
  • Quick Join should no longer put you in an already completed dungeon.
  • New dungeons (with special Level 25 - 30 loot items) have been added to existing campaigns!
  • "The Skeleton Cult Crypts" mini-dungeon has been added to the FREE 'Forest Haven' campaign.
  • "The Kings' Forest" mini-dungeon has been added to the 'Dark Forest' campaign.
  • "The Magic Castle" mini-dungeon has been added to the 'Balefort Castle' campaign.
  • And "Mega Maze Mash-Up" dungeon has been added to the 'Fathom Crypt' campaign.
  • Run these new dungeons for your chance to loot the following new items:
  • Spike Axes, Pick Axes for Warriors
  • Heavy Crossbows, Thin Daggers for Archers
  • Lightning Wands and Lightning Bolt Staves for Enchantresses
  • Two additional abilities for the warrior
  • Evade: increases dodge chance for 20 seconds
  • Beckon: pull enemies toward your position
  • Reduce gold drops for chests and some loot tables that were out-of-whack
  • Increased loot drop rates for existing three campaigns
  • Nerfed Archer's "Evade" ability recharging too quickly and being able to stack
  • Updated friends page to show when your friends are offline
  • Added account faq page to login screen
  • Quickchat popup now has an "Edit" button next to each line, to make it clearer that you can customize the line
  • Added a third state to the emote button on the main screen for iPad users.
  • Moved Gobi closer to center of Towne
  • Revised how stats affect damage, hit, crit, and dodge
  • (Dex and Int now influence damage, health, and health regen)
  • Skill cooldown graphics modified to increase readability
  • New icons for blinding shot, thorn wall, blessing of might
  • Added helpful blurbs for new players to in-towne NPCs
  • Unverified accts playable for 24 hours
  • Unverified accts deleted after 7 days
  • Staged The Lost Expedition for upcoming release
  • Made the game more difficult (increased monster hit points across the board).
  • Forest troll dungeon has a handful more mobs.
  • Kings forest has different (lower-level) loot tables.
  • You can no longer use your weapon or use a skill if there's a wall between you and your target
  • Reduced client startup memory usage
  • Polished ui pages in preparation for the iPhone release
  • Added Enchantress Drain Life effects
  • Added Enchantress Weakness effects
  • Character names are limited to 13 characters
  • Eased up chat filtering a bit more
  • More explicit instructions added to towne dungeon start page
  • iTunes item packs now have character class sub-categories. Item Pack (Category): Archer (Sub-Category), for example.
  • Auto-rank skills and auto-populate skill slots for first 4 skills
  • Enchantress heal and Archer blast shot fx optimizations
  • Updated HUD help screen, made primary attack button larger
  • Help is now on by default
  • Enchantress mobs attempt heal more often.
  • New Enchantress ability: Blessing of Might (+5 strength for 2 min).
  • Additional archer abilities: Blinding shot (reduce single target damage), Thorn wall (multi-target root).
  • Eased up chat filtering a bit
  • Renamed Options on main page to Account Options
  • Renamed Recover Account on Account Options page to Forgot Password
  • Added instructions to Forgot Password page
  • Hud chat window starts expanded
  • Added Playguide button to main page which opens a link to the website's playguide
  • Added Rori, Towne Historian to Towne


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    can u make a pocket legends game in internet for Mac and Windows ?
    an online game in the computer for people who dont have a iphone or ipod touch/ipad and have a computer if u do alot milions of people will play that game i already told all my friends to play pocket legends awsome game!!!! add me rosalio and schoolboyy !! hope u can respond.
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    I joined the game in the first month it came out. I'm a witness to you guys that you have done an outstanding job in keeping the game fun and up to date. I appreciate the time you spend listening to your community.
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    "PS: Here’s a full list of changes that have gone into the game in just over a month."

    You have written this wrong

    I remember the earlier updates in 2010 that are up there in the list. It's not just over one month. It looks like since the beginning of Pocket Legends.
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    I love pocket legends
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    Its a trip looking at the long list of work the devs had ahead of them at that time, and to think of all the expansions that STS is currently working on. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication STS
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