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I have never made a blog about well sort of me, im going to use this blog (not alot) for recent things as to some drawings im planning to draw and post here (Pocket legends related of course) and my stories or guides if i ever plan to do so and whats going on as of for example going to be bus for something and all about that and some things about me, its up to you if your interested

For startes im not going to be on forums as much and nonsense, because im not very attached to this anymore as i used to be i also like to draw and write sometimes, so i might draw something. Thats all i wil, talk about me, I dont know who would be reading this though but just to put this out (you know?)

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  1. WarTornBird's Avatar
    I'll be reading bro.
  2. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    I'll be sure to support you in any way Phoenix! I met you in game yesterday, and it is always good to see your old friends again.
  3. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Harharhar i just saw ya ingame! Smurfin smurf.
  4. Ayc2000's Avatar
    smurfity smurf smurf
  5. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Haha I saw you too Ayc! Lol that was pretty funny!
  6. icemando's Avatar
    bomb!!! I was here lol