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I typically don't sleep too well...

Rate this Entry generally if you see me on the forums or in-game at an odd hour I'm either working or restless.

I've never blogged before either, so I hope this doesn't end up a fassive mailure.

So I've been thinking about the best course of action for the impending zombie apocalypse. Survivability has got to be nil if you don't get out of the big cities, no? I think you need to get somewhere fairly secluded and weather the storm, THEN try to regroup with fellow survivors.

My idea, and mainly because I'm in a coastal region, is to weather the storm, hunker down and reinforce my home and my vehicle. Once the hysteria has settled down, I'm making for the coast and commandeering a nice house boat. I can stay just far enough offshore to keep the zombies at bay (my research shows they're probably not strong swimmers) and yet close enough to get to land to raid for resources. The ocean can provide food and resources of it's own. Maybe even water if you could find a nice, big freshwater lake. Conceivably fuel consumption could be minimal as it doesn't take much to move offshore a quarter mile and drop anchor.

Maybe it's not a long-term plan, but I think it'd last me long enough to figure things out.

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  1. VVammothehammo's Avatar
    I always thought you were a police officer... guns you know?
  2. maiohwmai's Avatar
    Yeah, but guns or no guns you need to have a plan. No way you're gonna wipe the zombie horde, bro. It's gonna be about survival and protection, not offense.
  3. zappaxe's Avatar
    lmao I'll just become a zombie then I'll be fine
  4. OvigorothO's Avatar
    guys who cares about surviving? the cool thing will be rack up as many zombie kills as possible before they kill you...u know like try to live it left 4 dead style to make sort of a positive note...trick yourself out of fear for your life
  5. javier995's Avatar
    Grabs gun* I'm ready! Now can someone help me find the twinkees?
  6. Piosidon's Avatar
    if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
  7. maiohwmai's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong, the horde can be defeated but it won't be brute offense that does it.
  8. OvigorothO's Avatar
    i would probably live in a blimp....u know lile those wierd movies the have like blimps that blend in the sky...and the villian is like commitimg crime thehe escapes into the clouds with his blimpy (will hae snatched all the atomic technology from USA,Russia,and North Korea
  9. Ebakriki's Avatar
  10. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    theres is actually a base located in the middle of somewhere all snow an you can only enter with a helicopter i would choose to live there an its packed with food an weapons so yeah survived. Booya an theres a scanner which detects if your infected so yeah.
  11. maiohwmai's Avatar
    We went from house boats to snowy strongholds.

    We're talking zombie invasion people. Get your head in the game!
  12. dugantale's Avatar
    Im zombifobic!! I fear zombies, only plan I got is to kill em all and pwn them in the face with my machety and and and kill em and save my girl, omg take me on the house boat!!!
  13. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    im talking about zombies too maiohwmai its a stronghold meaning zombies can't kill unless they learned how to pilot helicopters.
  14. dugantale's Avatar
    Oh lol I got lost
  15. OvigorothO's Avatar
    lol duga u spelled machete wrong
  16. dugantale's Avatar
    I know lol I rlly don't care I was tired
  17. OvigorothO's Avatar