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Snakespeare Re-make: Balefort Castle and vacinity

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I like Balefort because of it's tongue-in-cheek take on medieval high fantasy. I like the Mad King and his crazy courtiers, Brom and Furio.

My first run through was easy. I made a friend in Forest Haven, an Int Bird and we started by running in Dark Forest together, but a high level player joined the game and ran with us. Before long we were in the Halls of Heartbreak and we ran all the way to Harpo. I was grateful to have picked up a level. My new friend picked up three levels. I have done that myself, jumped in a game with some low levels and run with them. Sometimes I wonder if they resent it or if they are thankful. I know now! Thanks to that player, and thanks to all who jump in and run like that. Brom gave me a purple bow of finesse. Somehow all my best drops have come from Brom or Zyla, the witch under the grate.

I notice that at level 19 I am still using my L14 Dark Forest Leather of Finesse. Going through my mules I don't see any better armor. The plat store has orange items with 2 fewer armor points. The Consignment Shoppe has crafted level 15 armor that has one more point of armor than Finesse, and also shows that you can buy Finesse for under 10K. Warriors have Balefort armor: Tunics of Legend. I have a green called Indigo Leather Tunic that I bought from Jackson in town, but the lower level Finesse gear is still better. I searched everywhere I could in the game but had to conclude that there really is no better leather than the crafted level 15 until you can equip the Sandstone Cave gear. And frankly, two points of armor is not worth half a million gold pieces to me at this time.

I found a way to make a lot of runs on Brom Dandy, killing only 5 mobs to reach him. A year and a half ago Brom dropped a Jewelthief's Forest Bow for me, but this time the best I could get from him was purple. I did about 40 runs, then joined some groups for full runs on the King.

I think if I make only one blog entry per campaign, they will occur further and further apart exponentially. I am leveling slowly, and I am not moving to a new area until I can't get experience points in the present area. But I'm not going for the ratio; I just want to be sure the kill number is respectable. The idea is to farm items and kills while making the game easier by playing in blue threat areas instead of taking elixirs.

I died a few more times because I was taking boss pictures. I wanted the picture of Brom Dandy to have more of his adds, so I would run into the room at the most dangerous time. You have to push two buttons at the same time, and if I push either before the other, my screen locks and, by the time I get back in control, the toon is dead. Ah, the things we do for art.

Premium Areas

I solo'd in the premium areas for a bit between runs on Brom to break up the tedium of farming. I cleared an instance of Wyldwood, but I didn't go after the King of the goblins. I ran three raids on the witch doctor and he did drop something once, but I liquidated it. It didn't seem to be as efficient as Shalerock.

Soloing in Shalerock is possible for a bird, as long as he has studied his repulse shot, and keeps one eye tuned to the health meter. I have had good drops from this boss before. My best drop ever here was a L15 pink staff called Flaming Fireblaster of Mastery. It's slow going, but it has a completely different feel from other areas at this level. It's a test of toughness, or a test of your willingness to slam heal potions. Although I didn't induce any good drops, I still went on with a sense that my toon was actually fairly strong, for a bird.

Here are some more boss pictures, and a scap of the best drop.

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  1. Mothwing's Avatar
    Awesome work as always thanks for keeping me entertained!
  2. wvhills's Avatar
    u can farm wyldwood for the mojo bow-bow. Just keep looking for bad mojo. The firey demon thing gives good drops too. I'll help if you want.
  3. Snakespeare's Avatar
    You're right as always, Robert. The JT Mojo Bow Bow (level 20) is better than the JT Forest Bow (level 19) by 4 DPS, and they are in CS at 20K to 40K. I'll just buy the cheaper one. And thanks for the offer but I'm moving on now...
  4. Fyrce's Avatar
    I love those boss pictures! And what's a few deaths for art!

    I just realized you don't have any splat pictures of yourself