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Sunday Mornings with Zalt: A recession in SL?

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Prices are falling in sl!
As an avid mercher, I have seen many items prices fall to their all time lows. I try to keep an eye on how the prices fluctuate, but it seems these days they are only going down. For example, when Electro Razers used to go for 55-65k at their lowest, now hardly anyone buys them even at 40-45k. Novas have gone from 160-70k to 100k (since they are still popular among people). Its not just the voleria items, looking at the different vanities, most have fallen by quite a large amount.
It seems no body wants to spend their money (darn selfish hooligans!), or does the problem lie elsewhere? For an economy to work, there has to be some form of constant flow of money coming in for it to go back out from sales whatnot. With the decrease in population of players in SL, there are less runs=less items=less sales/liquidation. With the amount of 'gaining money' decreasing, there is less people who buy items and more people trying to sell items. Since there's now a surplus in unsold items, they try to sell them for lower prices, making a loss.
All the merchants in SL who have sold their items and made millions, don't want to spend their money because they know they wont be making a profit (they should pay taxes for us poor men in sl!) <- all you less wealthy people are yelling hell yeah! Just think about it, they pay taxes, u reap the benefits, awesomesauce. I'm kidding of course, just a thought, but that would kill the merchers, more incentive not to merch.
But of course, there's always a recession in sl after a campaign has been out for sometime, people get bored, play less, or like me stick to pvp. That leads me to another thought, what if you gained some form of money in pvp? It can be real credits/kill or maybe even just 'pvp currency' and with these you were able to buy special items/vans made specifically for pvp :9. Sorry for going off topic a bit.

I have a list of ideas that could help improve the current situation of sl (*cough* new campaign. boom, recession gone) but I'll leave that for another day. What are your thoughts on this subject? How can we/devs improve the economy?


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  1. Cahaun's Avatar
    Maybe at the end of each match there is a bonus prize based on kills/scores, winning, full match completion. Also I'd like player deployed traps (shooting oil cans or electricity and water barrels for a shocking suprise. One more thing: how about some enemies like pirates or Redbeard, vular ambushes, Scorn paratroopers.
  2. razerfingers's Avatar
    #1 issue that turned me away from sl... the ammount of time it takes to gain enough credits to support one character but i have like 7-10 lol or somethin like that, there needs to be less greedy people too in the cs just sayin...
  3. Cahaun's Avatar
    Maybe a grate in B*?