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Got Credits???

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Do you feel like it is difficult to get a large amount of credits, or is it easy? Are there strategies to getting credits, or not? I want to know what the star legends community thinks about credits. Are they rare or common? Can you afford items easily, or do you save and save until you finally reach the amount you need? I just want to know what credits mean to different people. Personally I think that credits are difficult to get in some cases, but selling items or trading for credits can help yo get what you need. Is that the same case for you?

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  1. slipeyz's Avatar
    credits are harder than gold in pl but at the same time it also lowers the prices
  2. slipeyz's Avatar
    i am sorry for the terrible grammar/spelling i am on my iphone forum app >.> anyway though no matter what money is in mmos is just like real life, the higher it inflates the more prices on everything else inflates, it all depends on what someone is willing to spend on something (all mmos have free market economys and therefor we the players control them)
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