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Snakespeare Re-make: mixed Fathom/SSC dual-spec'ing

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If you are careful, when you get to level 21you can begin to experiment with dual-spec. This does not apply to twinks who lock their xp, for they can dual-spec any two classes using entirely SSC pinks. This is a special case for people leveling through fathom who use what is available and move along. If you are careful you can use SSC pinks on your secondary stats, but still increase your primary stat in such a way that you will be able to using Lost Expedition items when you get there.

In this context, primary stat means the one that started at 7, secondary means the one that started at 2, while the one that started at 1 I call my weakness. It's simpler to remember when you think that both animals have a weakness in intelligence while the frail elves start with a weakness in strength. My rule of thumb for all classes is "Increase your primary stat to the minimum needed for an item of the same level, and put the remainder on your secondary stat." This makes birds stronger, and gives bears and elves a part chance to hit and dodge. The one argument that can be made against my rule of thumb is that it causes a mana shortage for the animals, which I compensate with potions and items that have M/s such as Burglars items for birds.

But for this concept, the rule of thumb is tweaked. "Increase your secondary stat (not your weakness) to the minimum needed to equip an SSC pink, and put the rest on your primary stat." Excluding a few cross level drops (like War Hammer of Legend) this will let you equip any item you would normally be able to equip, yet still equip SSC pink in your second class.

Then have fun leveling in the Sandstone Caves, where 2 out of 3 pinks can be equipped! But, as Inigo Montoya warns, prepare to die.

Here is my remade main which is now capable of using Onyx STR Armor, yet can still use any other drop for DEX at his level. It cost me a death, but it was worth it. And it looks soo cool with coal antennas, I think.

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  1. Fyrce's Avatar
    Oh, purty bird.

    Where are the boss pictures?!?