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A Guide To Farming

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Farming Locations:
I don't reccommend farming dynastar cause dynastar doesn't have rare drops
And I also don't reccommend farming red sun
Because the people who are at the level of red sun don't have that much money
And most twinks are lvl 15 and 25 but farming red sun occasionally is good
And if u want to farm. Farm the last level

I would highly reccommend farming cycorp because because people are willing to pay good prices for the
Twink gear especially when most are lvl15 on cycorp also farm the last lvl.

On delta I would reccommend farming the fourth level because spending ur time fighting miner isn't worth it.

I also highly recommend farming numa because the gear is high priced and also the vanities
I reccommend farming guardian and using the yellow orbs to run right to him from the beginning to save

I don't really recommend farming sloucho because the epics aren't that popular and
Prized but since there are so many people on this game somebody will want to buy lvl 30 gear
So don't farm sloucho too much or too less

Shipyards I reccommend farming because the epics are somewhat highly valued
I recommend farming the last lvl cause there is a chance u will get a pink.

I don't recommend farming maps that are the current lvl cap
It's ok if u farm it but the gear will be more valuable after the new map comes out.

Farming tips:
When farming never ever skip a chest u never know when a rare drop can come.
To make farming faster farm with a group unless ur greedy and don't wanna share the good loot.
Always fight the boss and never skip it, the boss drops the best loot.
Don't specifically farm for vanities, farming for vanities takes some time if u only want to farm for vanities
It can lead to frustration and quitting and quitting means no vanity.
Make ur goal to farm for gear then ur vanity will come some
Vanitys drop from D7 and above and can drop from mobs, bosses, and chests
Drops are completely random

Have fun farming,

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