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Legendary Boss Battles: Red Beard McGrieg VS Count Vlad

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Guys you are frogetting that Redbeard has the upper hand: he has an indestructable shield, a rocket launcher, he can just kite vlad, he has a lucky dog, a spaceship, turrets, explosives, and toxic waste at his disposal. Here's a fight scenario:
*Vlad walks about after wiping out a noob party*
Vlad: Haha! No one can stop me.... Unless it's another potted farmer group!
*suddenly a huge rumbling sounds and the castle shakes! Boom! The castle cieling blows spilling debris over vlad and his minions while all of a sudden a barrel of toxic gas floods the room!*
Random minion: Noooooo my outlandish dodge cant't dodge this! Ahhhhhh *thud*
Vlad: What's *cough* going on here? This was the only room I roam in because the rest looks boring!
*suddenly a big figure comes out of the mist. Vlad could watch as the figure came out and noted the features with a little bit of fear. The toxin clouded part of his vision and through the mist of the gas he could make out a hulking figure when he heard an evil laugh!*
Unknown Voice: Count Vlad? Samhayne told me that you thought you were the most evil villain in this cartoonish world! Well I came to take your gold and status!
Vlad: Who are you to think you are better than me?! Look! My dual dual swords look more stylish than your noisy staff!
Unknown Voice: This is Redbeard McGreic and I came here to kick your but!
Vlad: Come at me bro!
*The battle starts of with Redbeard shooting Vlad straight in the chest with his launcher. His arms lurched as the recoil became rythme, laughing the entire time! Vlad looked down and discovered his chestplate melted and torn by the laser and kinetic power of Redbeard's cannon. Stripping off the armor, he growled in fury at Readbeard*
Vlad: That all you got!?
*suddenly Vlad charges and beckoned Redbeard closer that he may gut the fool, but Readbeard was ready. Just as Vlad reached him, Redbeard casted a shield around him and punched Vlad in the now exposed chest with all his might. Bodmasta taught him how to be super tough so his punch crushed into Vlad, causing him to kneel down in pain*
Vlad: This is impossible! No low lvl freak will beat me! You can't kill me!
Redbeard: I'm from Star Legends you idiot. You've been terminated!
*Redbeard kicks Vlad to the ground with little struggle. The scene ends with Vlad looking up to see Redbeard's dog snarling over him*

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  1. Cahaun's Avatar
    Woot! I made this awesome battle simulater and I'm feeling like doing more with different endings. This one ends with Redbeard winning. I'll create a battle simulater for the new boss battles also! If you really like it or have and ideas and suggestions please do!
  2. Cahaun's Avatar
    Gonna edit the typo's after I sleep lol. I'm pretty tired.
  3. Cahaun's Avatar
    You've gotta be joking! All I did was fix two typos and it ruins my blog with html codes! Sigh
  4. Cahaun's Avatar
    Whew I fixed it. Am I just talking to myself?