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<Infinite Union> has arrived! We are a group of close individuals who have bonded through our time in SL and formed a second family.


Our goals are pretty straightforward. First and most important is to form a community where everyone feels home. We are serious players and expect the best from ourselves and members, so we will be shooting for level caps and top gear, and we’ll be helping each other along the way. We may have been formed from a group of friends, but we’ll be treating all our members equally and all voices will be heard.


So I suppose there have to be rules, right? I’d like to think of them more as common courtesies than rules, because that is really what we expect from our members. Everyone is expected to act mature and respectfully towards guildies and non-guildies. No drama will be tolerated, and while it may be hard to get along with everyone, bickering or ostracizing members will not be acceptable. There will be zero tolerance for such childish behavior, as family members should not be treating each other in that way.

This guild was formed on mutual trust, openness, respect, and honesty. Anyone displaying qualities opposed to this foundation will be dismissed.

Some things that may not be assumed under common courtesy:
- These rules are here for a reason. You will get no more than 2 warnings before zero tolerance is swiftly enacted.
- Don't break Star Legends Terms of Service.
- Act mature! Maturity is not defined by age. Yup, this was already stated above. I'm stressing it's importance by listing it again.
- Do not use the guild chat for sales. If you want to give something away, feel free to offer it up in the guild chat. Selling or trading of gear should only take place on the IU forum. Also, if you decide to sell anything to a guildie, please give a very hefty discount.
- Along the same lines, don't beg for gear in the guild chat. You can ask, but if nobody responds, then nobody has anything extra for you.
- Don't spam the guild chat. Use it for quick laugh or to get to know your guildies better instead!
- Individual acts can and will reflect on our guild as a whole, so represent IU in a positive manner at all times , whether it is in game or on STS Forums
- Please refrain from booting non-guild members from runs. Use a PW for guild only runs. If someone enters a run that was full and not password protected, politely ask them to leave. If they do not wish to leave, you may boot the player as long as you give them a valid reason for the boot.
- Absolutely no booting of guild members from runs. If a guildie joins a full guild run, kindly explain to them that they have accidentally taken a spot belonging to someone else. If you are this person, please be respectful of your guildies and leave that run.
- Anyone wishing to join IU will need to fill out an application on the website and be screened. This applies for everyone, no exceptions.
- Poaching members from another guild will result in booting. YOU WILL GET NO WARNINGS IF THIS RULE IS BROKEN.
- Utilize the chain of command. Approach an officer with issues, they are trusted to handle situations and will contact a GM if needed.
- Finally, if anyone has an issue with another guildie, try to work it out peaceably. Put the shoe on the other foot and settle your differences, and if you can't approach an officer or a GM. We are here to keep this place a healthy family, not a dysfunctional one.

What <Infinite Union> Offers

Well, ourselves (I signed the charter in blood)! We have tier 3 guild hall and will give a helping hand whenever we can. You’ll get a lively, friendly guild chat and a group of people with a great a sense of humor. <Infinite Union> is a strictly SL guild, so you wont see all GMs and officers disappearing due to PL updates (but we will gladly accept people who play both games).

We have a sister guild, <Blackstar Union> (also tier 3). We will have high level mains and alts in IU and lower level ones in BU (under level 24 for alts, under 29 for mains). As the level cap increases, the minimum level for IU will also. Once leveled, any toon can be be brought over to IU. For all intents and purposes, the two guilds should be looked at as one. All the rules and expectations will be identical for the two.


Well that’s great! Be aware that we are only accepting high caliber, quality individuals, and I use these adjectives to describe the type of character we are looking for in our members. We will be very strict about this. You don’t need to log on every day and cap your toons whenever there is an expansion (although many of us plan to!) to be a member, but every member will be representing the beliefs and ideals that led to <Infinite Union> being formed, and we will only accept people that exemplify them. Feel free to look for any of our members in B* or runs. They are all stand-up individuals and if they don’t know the details on recruiting, they can find an officer who does.

All members will be required to register at the forum, so if you are interesed in joining us, register using the name of your main toon so we know who you are and follow the instructions in the application section.

Recruitment Details

- We will be recruiting in game and though the IU forum.
- However you are recruited, you will be required to register on the IU forum and post an application (username should be name of your main toon).
- Applying on the forum will not take the place of an in game screening. We will want to chat with and get to know all potential recruits a little better before inviting anyone. (GMs, officers, and recruiters have alts we use. If you can't find us, any member you see can find one for you)
- You are expected to read and know the rules before you are invited. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as a reason for breaking them.
- If you are denied, I hope you don't harbor any grudges against us. I've stated that we plan to be very strict concerning recruiting. If you are not right for IU, we still wish you the best of luck.
- If anyone feels unfairly denied, you can discuss it with GM or officer, but nobody is promoted to a position of power unless GMs and officers have faith in them. If you were denied by one of us, it is highly likely that decision will be upheld.

Current Ranks
GMs: Ebalere - Eyeofnewt – Killaings

Lead Officer: Deathpunch
Officers: Http – Jdiddydavis – Kalibos – Kateatankan - Mayhem - Soulshine

Head Recruitment Officer: Azibas
Recruiters: Caveman, Firoth, Scopedog, Weenis

Come visit us on our new forum (Click Here)

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