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Serial 2: ELite Planar Tombs Level 1

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Due to low mobs quantity its quite easy to reach boss position.
Beware of purple mages, who summon deadly shadow pools and random instant kills.

Planar Tombs Level 1 Boss
Boss has slow movement speed, low normal attack dmg, cast fireball which can intant kill rogues/mages. Stand as far as possible but stil in YOUR skills range should prevent you to be fireball target.

Red zone attacks:
short range - get stun and dmg
wide range - cast circle of fire 10 times, awerage dmg. After 10th circle boss summon Fire Obelisk. During circles of fire boss stand in one place and doesn´t use normal attack or fireballs. In this case all players can stand on position and focus on attack.

There are two options how to interupt obelisk:
1st - Boss has to be in stun when 10th circle of fire is casted. If you use kelvin, tap pet arcane ability between 8th and 9th circle of fire. There is small delay between taping and aplying stun, so if you tap on pets arcane ability after 9th circle of fire, boss can be stuned few miliseconds after the last circle and obelisk will be summoned.
2nd - Big dmg output can interupt casting circles of fire. When interupt, boss will be stuned for a moment and obelisk will not be summoned.

Chest Splitter - feeble and short CD
Axe Throw - sometimes boss loses aggro when tank is stuned by short range red zone attack. Axe Throw is the best and fastest way how to get aggro back
Vengeful Blood - HP bonus and boost dmg output
Hown of Renew - good to use during circles of fire or if you are quick use it to avoid dmg from short range red zone attack

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Updated 02-18-2015 at 08:24 AM by Jirikjurasek

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  1. Pollata1246's Avatar
    The veery much bro/sis
  2. Silverpegasus's Avatar
    thank you so much jiri for this post.
    i hate this boss the most, it is by far worse than t2/t3. your blog really helps me understand its damage pattern. because for us squishies it is one hit ko fireball and burns, hard to study it.

    P.S. You should post your guide in AL Forum instead of blog. Its kinda hard to find here. It is by far the best detailed explanation for planar tomb and arena.
  3. Jirikjurasek's Avatar
    Thanks, blog is more edit-friendly and Im able to keep all guides together