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Turkey Day, and what the Gobble pet can teach us

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Happy Thanksgiving, Pocket Legends forums!
I suppose you've had quite a nice feast and break from everyday life.
For those students in school and college, here's to your restoration of many, many sleep-deprived hours!
So about this blog post: I didn't actually want to make one, but I wanted to at least drop by and say hello - so this one will be very, very short. In fact, I had nothing I actually wanted to write about before I started typing this up, so this is all impromptu.

Ah, so how many of you had turkey?
*raises hand* Yes, I did!
It turns out that many of you also did enjoy turkey. And don't deny it - you loved it!
For so many years, we've inseparably associated the perhaps more spiritual virtues of giving and doing "good" with the rather more raw-handed, materialistic concept of feasting and enjoying food. But I've always pondered about this - how exactly did such a connection once emerge out of a desire to demonstrate gratitude?

The notion that materialistic practices originate eventually from all less-physical forms of expression is absolute. Take a moment to think about it. When humans wish to express any emotion or thought, it is often difficult. Thus, the material, tangible components of our world often come into play. When we wish to show our love for a significant other, we turn to presenting or endowing them with an important gift or experience (and yes, whilst experiences are largely emotional, there is definitely some physical component that assists in the conveyance of expression). As such, we take loved ones on honeymoons, purchase them high-quality pure-composition crystal rings, or invite them to a lavish dinner. Yes, almost always (hopefully!), a lot of hugs, kisses and verbal commitments of love follow thereafter, but the materialistic portrayal of affection and emotion certainly always presides hand in hand with the more spiritual expression. After all, what marriages have you seen without some form of a gift, whether it's a wedding, a ring, or a simple handcrafted heirloom? Expanding this concept to festive customs and the holidays, it becomes evident that what we seek to express, in terms of gratitude, has largely pervaded into the more materialistic manifestation of a feast - that of a Thanksgiving dinner. But over the modern ages, increasingly, perhaps, has the materialistic consideration of honoring a centuries-old holiday custom begun to overshadow the intangible roots from which it once emerged? Have we become all too ignorant of the origin of Thanksgiving and instead only look forward to the day off from work and plenty of food on Turkey Day?
Just something to consider - just some more Thanksgiving "food" for thought, if you will.

Well, okay...that was very profound. I don't like ending blog posts on such a convoluted note, so in hopes of lightening some things up, I'll have this very awkward segue into something slightly more humorous...

Attachment 110064

So we have here our very own PL Snow Turkey. Let's talk about it, shall we?
The turkey is known to run around a lot, especially during the Thanksgiving time of the year!

Maybe this is a random shower-thought, but for many turkeys around the world, Thanksgiving is actually the equivalent of Friday the 13th! Aaaand, I guess that explains why my Snow Turkey pet (affectionally named Mr. Gobble Jr.) kept running around frantically in towne today - not from the server lag, of course (heh), but rather from its primitive instincts and fear for what's about to be wreaked upon its species!
Hopefully that one didn't sour too quickly...

Okay, that's all.
I hope you all enjoy your respective Turkey Days!


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