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Serial 3: Elite Planar Tombs Level 2

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Elite Planar Tombs Level 2 Boss
Ferrix skin boss with armor and HP like Trulle. For beating this boss you will need piece of patience. Boss has big dmg on normal attack and summon purple circle, which heals him. This is only one elite boss who can be pulled by Axe Throw. This is perfect skill for get boss out of purple circle, however only when boss casting Narrow forward attack Axe Throw doesn´t pull him.

Red zones attacks:
Wide range - Does massive dmg depends on dmg taken during casting, hold fire during that (still in measurement)
Narrow forward - Jump in direction of red zone and awerage dmg.

Sceletons are summoned during fight. One sceleton is not dangerous, but if you don´t kill him fast, second will appear and dmg increased to killing machine. Sceleton is able to be killed by one rogue with mythic set and legendary bow (and better of cource), in other case two rogues/mages are necessary.
Rogues/mages should go close to the boss, they can die very easily

Chest Splitter - feeble and short CD
Axe Throw - for pull boss out of purple circle which heals him
Vengeful Blood - HP bonus and boost dmg output
Hown of Renew - good to use during wide rande red zone for avoiding massive dmg

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