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Warrior for end game elites

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Warriors in end game elites are supposed to be a tank, have to hold aggro and keep allies safe. He has to secure that mobs normal attack don´t hit rogues/mages and facing enemies with special attack to direction out of rogues/mages. If you secure rogues/mages the best damage output experience, you will be a valuable member of the team.

Make sure you have equip which ensure your surviving. But don´t focus only for your safety especially with pets. Use pets which make your run easier and faster.

Warrior who is not able to hold aggro is useless and will be replaced by another class which can do more damage.

Compare to rogue/mage: warrior has much lower damage output even with mythic/arcane gear!

There are few aspect which affect survivability:
Armor: see comment from devs how armor work:
Armor works like this:

Armor Value * (Armor Modifier by level of attack mob) = Damage Reduction

This modifier goes down as the level of the attacking mob goes up, so that more armor is needed to maintain Damage Reduction as the player moves into higher level content.

This passive is a multiplier on the Armor Value, so that a small change might not have a huge impact on Damage Reduction, but the higher the base Armor Value the player has the more this passive is worth. Therefore, this passive is way more effective for a warrior is max armor than it would be for a sorcerer in medium armor.

For example:

Warrior with 980 armor at level 21 vs. Sorcerer with 500 armor at level 21.

Warrior DR w/out passive - 980*.00047619 (attacking mobs modifier) = 46.6% DR
Sorcerer DR w/out passive - 500*.00047619 = 23.8% DR

Warrior DR w 4/5 passive - (980*1.04)*.00047619 = 48.5% DR
Sorcerer DR w 4/5 passive - (500*1.04)*.00047619 = 24.7% DR

This benefit will grow as armor values get higher, which is one of the reasons why this passive will probably never go beyond its 5% increase. It would just become too powerful over time.
There is chart of damage reduction per point of armor based on character leve (see blue line, red and green shows only possibly deviation):
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HP: In relation to armor, 1 HP is similar as 1 armor point when you get hit for 4300 (at 41 level). If you get lower damage from mobs, take more HP. If you get more go for armor.

All in all, there is not defined one value of armor and HP which you need for running elites. Depends on size of pulls, stun capability, movement skill - running around big group of enemies using properly skills definitely help you survive even very big pulls.

Taunt skills:

Chest Splitter

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3s CD, taunt in essential, hit 3 enemies (4 with upgrade), feeble for 2s, autofocus when you don´t move.
Short CD with feeble effect (affected enemy are not able to get critical hit for a short period of time) and multiple hit make this skill perfect for taunt trash mobs and bosses both.


Name:  WM.png
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10s CD, taunt after upgrade, taunt every second, last 3s, hit 3 enemies per swing.
Wide area effect is usefull for trash mobs fight, must have skill.

Axe Throw

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7s CD, taunt after upgrade, feeble for 2,5s, hit one enemy, 25% armor reduction, ranged.
Only ranged attack what warrior has. Useful on all bosses due to hight armor reduction.


Name:  Juggernaut.png
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45s CD, taunt after upgrade, taunt every 5s, last 15s, affect 6 enemies, 20% dmg reduction (30% when charged).
Big pulls health-saver and stun immunity with upgrade.

Horn of Renew

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15s CD, taunt after upgrade, invulnerability for 2s (3s after upgrade), affect 5 enemies.
Must have skill thanks to bubble!

For better variability you can get skill points into more than 4 active skills and change them in different situation.

Trash mobs fights: Chest Splitter, Windmill, Juggernaut/Vengeful Blood, Horn of Renew
Boss fight: Chest Splitter, Axe Throw, Vengeful Blood, Horn of Renew

Vengeful Blood

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25s CD, last 12s, In survivability point of view this skill return HP per each hit. Very usefull in big pulls. Sometimes it works better than Juggernaut.

of Will
- Str, Int, best armor
of Potency - Str, Int, dmg
of Assault - Str, Dex, dmg (add a bit more dmg due to dexterity)
of Grace - Str, Dex, Dodge (you can reach almost 30% dodge, but with loss of HP, armor, mana and dmg)
and few more which stats change in events.

Use gear combination due to what you need. When you buy more sets, you can combine them in different situations and be more flexible and usefull.

Conqueror´s Shield - Good stun capability, I used to use this weapon for boss fights.
Magma Claymore - Proc armor, Str and AoE fire dmg, good for trash mobs tanking. Very good proc rate.
Elondrian Bulwark - Best HP and armor weapon, proc on being hit get +20 to primary stat, armor and healing over time, but heal is too low for to be usefull in elites. There is also hiden cooldown 25s when you cant get proc again. Offensive proc (armor and crit reduction) is 100% when charged. Its usefull because you have chance on stun on charged attack. Very small chance on proc on uncharged attack.
Frost Bulwark - Frost brother of Elon Bulwark. Icy spikes which does AoE dmg. Enemy armor reduction and armor bonus for Bulwark user. Very good proc rate. In fact Frost Bulwark without any hidden cooldowns on procs give armor bonus and armor reduction almost all the time during trash mobs fights. (=and look much more cooler than elondrian brunch=)
Bonesaw - Proc is focused on buffing warr. Proc doesnt affect mobs, so its useless for rest of party.
Maul of Ollerus - The best dmg support weapon in game due to its huge stun capability and 50% armor reduction.

Quote Originally Posted by Jirikjurasek View Post
I will write only PvE perspective:

Elondrian Bulwark

  • 100% chance on proc when charged (3 targets, armor and crit debuff, counterattack), 5s duration (not stackable)
  • chance when being hit on armor buff and heal over time (25s hidden cooldown) - skip to next player after 5s
  • looks like branch of the tree

Frost Bulwark

  • Icy Spikes (high AoE dmg), after Spikes you get armor buff - high proc rate
  • armor debuff - high proc rate
  • looks really cool

If you want to use Elondrian Bulwark, you HAVE TO charge your normal attack (its big advantage when you incorporate it into your skill rotation - high chance on stun when charged, but disadvantage is only 3 targets). Defensive point of view - you get armor buff once per 25s and buff duration is 10s (thats 15s between proc).

Frost Bulwark has really high proc rate (higher than Maul!). Icy Spikes has AoE dmg (3 waves in fast sequence - help maintain aggro). You get 175 armor (not stackable when you get several proc in a row) buff after Spikes are gone - due to proc rate you get armor buff more often than with Elondrian Bulwark. Armor debuff is separate proc with high proc rate as well. In elites I see procs almost a whole time. Frost Bulwarks proc has no hidden cooldown.

Make your own choice if you want:

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Link for de/buffs scaling

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