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A Farewell From Samhayne

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My last 3 years at Spacetime have been an awesome time, made so in part by the many members of the Spacetime player community I had the good fortune to interact with. You guys n gals are great! My move has been driven by personal needs, as we are relocating to be closer to family. Spacetime has a bright, bright future. I am looking forward to seeing it unfold, even if I am no longer part of the team that is making it happen.

Much love to you all and best wishes for awesome adventure in 2015 and beyond!

-Alex Leary

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  1. Slcinuup's Avatar
    You'll be missed, I wish you the best of luck.
  2. Worship's Avatar
    Samhayne! I hate to see you go.. I've known you since '12 and you were always THE GUY! You've been a huge part of me in my STS career, I will most definitely miss you
  3. Justg's Avatar
    Alex, you were with us since the Pocket Legend days. You helped build the community into what it is today, and then led the Legends production efforts through some great times. Thank you for everything you have done for us. You will definitely be missed, but you will also always be a part of us.

    Smooth sailing, and best wishes to you my friend.

    - g
  4. Seoratrek's Avatar
    We wish you the best Alex! :)
  5. Schnitzel's Avatar
    Goodbye Sam,
    good luck in rl

    You were one of the coolest devs ever, thanks for everything you did for the community
  6. CrimsonTider's Avatar

    Thank you for all you have done for the STG community. Best of luck to you in your next chapter in life.

  7. Burninglamp's Avatar
  8. Eski's Avatar
    Even if we was not the same opinion all the time , good luck Mr. Leary!
  9. Dex Scene's Avatar
    you will be missed Alex sammy!!!
    all the best wishes for your journey ahead! God Bless You!
  10. Arpluvial's Avatar
    Wishing you the best in all of your future endeavours, Alex. :)
  11. Rx8's Avatar
    Bye Sam,

    Thanks for helping out STS and listing to our community, you were a great dev and will be missed,

  12. Uaap's Avatar
    Bye Sir Samhayne/Alex,

    We will be missed you, I guess we can see you again?.
  13. Deadroth's Avatar
    Bbye Samhayne! It was a pleasure to be a part of Your's community. Best of luck in future life
  14. Hellween's Avatar
    Peace, love and Empathy!
    Luck in all..
    Happiness and health
    Thank you!
  15. Ssneakykills's Avatar
    Goodbye Samhayne good luck with future Endeavours!
  16. octavos's Avatar
    awww, sam-o thanks for being part of STS community..and games. Family is always more important..since they will take care of you when you become unable to take care of yourself later in life you can always hop on to these games and say would be nice to hear from you (Hay g-man hopefully there isn't a claws in a contract that old developers cant play the game)

    I wish you all the best for the future. Stay foolish, stay hungry!

    I heard this from a little birdie, good luck with pokemon industry...gotta catch them all eh XD. many of us will miss you here...many blessings for you and your fam.

    Warm regards,
    Octavos..The "Ghost" of STS
    Updated 02-17-2015 at 04:36 PM by octavos
  17. Slant's Avatar
    This was so much fun so far, we were all in good hands, very inspiring community manager
    best of luck
  18. Zojak's Avatar
    Such a shocker to hear this! You've been around for so long!! Sorry to see you go, but as people have said before, family is the most important thing one can have, so I wish you the best of luck in your future my friend!
  19. wowdah's Avatar
    Wow I can't believe you are leaving. I remember meeting you 2 years ago on the forums, and you were always helpful.. sad to see you go
  20. Energizeric's Avatar
    Good luck Alex, hope you still will play AL on occasion.
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