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A Farewell From Samhayne

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My last 3 ˝ years at Spacetime have been an awesome time, made so in part by the many members of the Spacetime player community I had the good fortune to interact with. You guys ‘n gals are great! My move has been driven by personal needs, as we are relocating to be closer to family. Spacetime has a bright, bright future. I am looking forward to seeing it unfold, even if I am no longer part of the team that is making it happen.

Much love to you all and best wishes for awesome adventure in 2015 and beyond!

-Alex Leary

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  1. Draebatad's Avatar
    Thanks for all of your many contributions to Space Time. Best wishes to you and your family.
  2. dellabell's Avatar
    Lets Pretend i just made some joke saying "good riddence" with tears in my eyes... 3 years is far to short of time to play with such a fine admirable dev. Come play with us (PL PVP :-D) sometime sooner than later! Best of wishes!!

  3. Leambow's Avatar
    Good luck we're gonna miss you
  4. Unknxw's Avatar
  5. siddhant's Avatar
    all the best
  6. Zylx's Avatar
    Goodbye Samhayne!! I'll miss you and i hope you enjoy your new life!

    Pokémon has gained a great person on their team!
  7. Ignitedmage's Avatar
    Good Luck Alex. Thanks for helping STS members in problems
  8. Forsait's Avatar
    Good luck in life sam
  9. Iilhopeliliil's Avatar
    Let's just hope that Spacetime will be bright by restoring peace to the World of Alterra
  10. Waug's Avatar
    so that's the reason, I realised justG was way more active in pl forums lately, I've seen sam being active on it since I joined.

    Sad to know that but it's life we just have to move forward, very good luck.
  11. Helicopter's Avatar
    The first StS Member that replied to my PMs.......It's sad to see you go, Sam. Best of luck to you and your future endeavors.
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