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Apluvial's Star Legacy

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As the ship docked with the base, Arpluvial thought about her last few years as an Engineer. The battle with the Scorn and the Riven had left her emotionally tattered - she had seen so much destruction.

"How will I ever start again," she asked herself aloud, well aware that she needed some downtime.

"Docking sequence complete," a computerized voice said loudly, "pressure is stable. You may now leave your ship."

She deactivated her thick gloves and donned her favourite pair of green antennas, not knowing what waited for her aboard base. The metallic soles of her large boots were loud against the floor as she entered the corridor leading to the main deck. Clank, clank, clunk, clank. Sigh, here it goes.

She opened the door to the main deck and was shocked to see the bustling activity. Here on base, there was no war. She could overhear friends talking about their adventures, making names for themselves. She smiled warmly to herself as music wafted down from the speakers all over the ceiling. Her walk became a little strut, and before she knew it she was dancing. Soon, she was surrounded by people hooting and cheering, asking where she got her antennas.

Everybody on the ship wanted her antennas! Blue, green, yellow, pink - they became the biggest fashion rage seen in over a thousand years! She spent the rest of her days overseeing her antenna company, also serving as their intergalactic antenna model! So began the second phase of her star legacy...

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