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Star Legends: The Commando Story

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Another day another battle. The scorn army still won't let up. Even with their heads thyra and zyrah dead they are still more powerful then ever. But as our motto goes no job is to tough for commandos. Me and my squadron had the mission to wipe out their settlement Tarasa Colony 25.
Our job was to infltrate and destroy their resources armory and vehicles. But the mission went south fast, the scorn had us trapped, pinned down between their mutants and foot soldiers. We were low on ammo with no hope left, until I opened my armorpack. I had just realized my friend Dr. Enoch had packed one of her enhancers.
These enhancers were no ordinary enhancers.
These were 4x enhancers able to kill the strongest mutant but very dangerous to the wielder. The power would become too great for the user and make them cocky, arrogant, and sloppy. But with no choice left I quickly injected myself.
I pulled out my napalm and set the place to supernova. I had most of the scorn defeated but, I got sloppy and got shot in the face.
When I got back to base my unit was with me, I was wondering what happend when the doc came in. "What happend" I asked the Enoch, she didn't speak but held up a mirror, I took it into my hands and saw what happend. My eye was damaged, I had a new cybernetic eye and a scar.
But the eye was worth stopping the scorn.
"My name is Leambow and I am a commando proud, and strong."

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  1. Yadi Permana's Avatar
    nice story
  2. Leambow's Avatar
    Thank you XD it was fun writing