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A Little Ursan

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There was a time i was a small ursan, never knew about the cruel evils, nor pvp or pve, even didn't knew about the zombies skeletons, dragons etc.
We all lived happily, i had thousands of friends there, was very friendly with each other and never knew how to kill but we didn't knew how long our happiness will remain.
Once, hundreds of zombies attacked in our town,Forest Haven. Protecting us, there were only six heroes but they were enough for that weaklings.
A hero which is not present in forest haven now picked all of us and ran towards the balefort castle. He was planing to hide us in Hidden Passage 4 but when we were passing through the silknight's castle, a blazing arrow shot that hero. He died on the spot. Zombies wanted to kill us and eat us. All of them were fighting for their lives but i was scared enough to fight.
My friend killed one zombie and died. Others died without harming any zombie. Now, it was time for me to come in action and revenge the destruction of our happiness. I picked a broken axe and stroke in the zombie eye. It died at the time. I picked a broken sword and started to killing all of them. That was my first fight, and now, I m fighting dragons and killing all evils so no other children could face the terrifying truth of alterra that i had to see in a really short age........

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  1. Waug's Avatar
    Good story, and its ofc all u faced in dis SHORT age, hmm DAT was wxpected
  2. Ignitedmage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by OPest
    Good story, and its ofc all u faced in dis SHORT age, hmm DAT was wxpected
    Thanks man and yea, i wanted to make a story with lots of crazy action