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The legends of Dracula

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One endless night a lone vampire sat in a tree and fed on a limp body as he thought to himself "what am i doing..i'm sitting here feeding off of humans pointlessly".Swinging his glacials around he looked in the far distance and saw the rage of hargykth as he blew fire from east to west.'pulling down his bandanna', he took a deep breath in as he dropped the limp body and glided out of the tree onto the dark street. With a crave for blood and a desire for the relic loot hargkyth gives he ran on the neck of a werewolf and sunk his fangs into his juggler vein and drank his blood ..somersaulting off of his back giving off a loud hiss and bearing his fangs he was showing his strength to the world. Rejected by the other vampires he set off in the moonlight with only 1 purpose on his mind. Pulling the bandanna over his face,hidden under the garb of the druids and drinking a blood vile giving him double the strength he possessed, he raced towards the raging monster showing the definition of true vampiric rage.He slashed at the beast avoiding his shields of fire. soon the monster grew weary and fell to its knees, that's when i gave him an all out attack ..bringing him to his death. As the vampire walked towards his relic was found..he chuckled as he put the glacials away and whispered to harg "until we meet again?", as he turned into a swarm of bats and disapeared into the night

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